Friday, May 11, 2007

Wakefield And His Knuckler Help To Sweep The Jays Out Of Contention

8-0. Another impressive win for the Boston Red Sox, who are white hot. They're getting great pitching and hitting and very good defense. And yesterday, after a shaky first for Wakefield was ended by a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play executed by Mirabelli and Youklis, it was ALL Wakefield through the 7th inning. His ERA stands at a league best 1.79. The Darkman, Hideki Okajima (see the last paragraph for more on the Darkman), threw a clean and quick 8th, and Romero followed that with a one hit ninth. Poof, game over, we're outta town and going home with a sweep. The trip back to Boston must have been sweet indeed.
So the Red Sox have won 16 of their last 21 games. They stand up high with a record of 23-10. The 23-10 start matches the third best in franchise history at this point of the season, trailing only the 1946 (26-7) and 2002 (24-9) teams. Mike Lowell continued his torrid hitting with another home run, this one a three run shot. Youk had 3 hits and he has also been clutch and hot. Manny had 2 base hits while Cora had his usual 2. Oh, and as for Alex Cora, the Red Sox have won all 10 games in which he has started. WOW!!! And Mike Lowell said about his club........

"We're just playing good baseball, man," said Mike Lowell, who hit a three-run homer to cap a six-run third inning that gave the Sox a 7-0 lead. "We're pitching, we're hitting, we're playing defense, we're clicking right now."

Peter here, and yes, they are clicking. And they're headed home to Fenway. The land of frenzied fans and countless dreams. Dreams of first place. Dreams of 2004 redux. Always.

Click on the title of this post for a great article from the Herald about our "hero of the dark," the Darkman, Hideki Okajima. Have a great weekend everyone! Love you all!


At 5/11/2007 9:33 AM, Blogger ian said...

I was about to ask you after seeing your comments on my blog, if you saw the Darkman article and alas you have.

Sox are on a roll right now. And they don't need any butter.

At 5/11/2007 9:40 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

And a bagel would be just as good, but right now they have no holes! Ad-lib...a poor one. I love 'em though. Thanks I.

At 5/11/2007 11:15 AM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Like a Rocket, & I don't mean Pocket Rocket Rodger, either

At 5/11/2007 11:46 AM, Blogger Peter N said...



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