Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thank You A & E Television

I'm sure you're all familiar with the post-season baseball magic of the year 2004. The ALCS comeback, when the Red Sox came back from a 3 game deficit to beat the hated Yankees, and the 4 game sweep by the Red Sox of the now champion St. Louis Cardinals rank high among the ultimate sports moments for many of us. A&E television was nice enough to send me the 12 disc 35 hour PLUS DVD set of the 7 game 2004 ALCS Yankee-Red Sox series, and the 4 game 2004 World Series sweep between the Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals, and I promised I'd review them. I will....right now! They asked me to run a banner advertising this magic collection, but I told them that my blog, this one right here that you always come back to, was and always will be ad free. That will never change. OK........
This 12 disc set is available in standard definition only. Until the powers-that-be can agree on one and only one high definition format, DVDs in high definition will always be a thing of the future, even though they are available now. You see, there are two combating formats, Blue Ray and HD-DVD, much like the Beta-VHS video tape wars of the early 80s. There will be no winners....not now. NOT EVER. Not until one side or the other prevails. Right now it looks like Sony's Blue Ray format will emerge victorious, for many reasons. Back to this particular DVD set, though. If you like your baseball Red Sox style, and 86 years was more than long enough to wait for the nirvana of a world championship, click on the title of this very post for all the ordering details of this tremendous boxed set. The DVDs are full screen standard definition, with an entire 12th disc dedicated to the 2004 World Series film and assorted player interviews. This set arrived on my doorstep just a couple hours ago, and I have checked out a few minutes of each. Much to my delight.
I do want to say that I'm used to watching hi-def programming, and these are not that. Not close. But if you like your baseball Boston style, this is for you. Please, click on the title of this post for all the information you'll ever need. And thank you A & E. And hello to 2004 Red Sox baseball. One of a kind.
Now click on the title, and enjoy! I must admit I think I'm selling out to you, my readers, because you're here to read my words about Red Sox baseball as it happens, every day. THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. But the A & E people were nice enough to send me this wonderful boxed set, and I'm doing my part telling you about it. If you're looking for hi-def, wait a couple years. But click on the title just to check out what you might be missing while we ALL wait for that one and only one high definition DVD format. Until then, enjoy! Clicking on the title will take you where you want to go for all the info, and I will be back early in the morning with all the details of game number two between the Braves and our Sox.
Again, my readers, thank you...I'm not selling out, I'm just informing you of a good product at a great price!


At 6/19/2007 6:20 PM, Blogger nuts4sox said...

Pete, thx for the link, just ordered it. Funny, when I get blue I watch "Faith Rewarded", now I can go back in time with these fun DVDs.

At 6/19/2007 6:25 PM, Blogger ian said...

That's pretty sweet. You're a lucky guy. It is awesome though to re-live it all. Brings back good memories watching it.

At 6/20/2007 6:54 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

They were nice enough to send the set to me gratis....it's the least I can do to tell the truth. At this sale price, for more than 35 HOURS of pure pleasure, how can you go wrong? Answer....you can't! No way, no how. Thanks A & E. And thanks you N4S and Ian.

At 6/20/2007 7:12 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Thanks for the heads up - I like A&E and the Sox, so it is a good combo!

"No way, no how." - You sound like Bob's Discount Furniture LOL

At 6/20/2007 7:25 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Please Carol...Bob Kaufman (his real name) is a good guy, but his commercials that saturate the northeast are so obnoxious that they remain in everyone's mind...incessantly. A stroke of genius? Well, it works! I'm much taller, younger and handsomer, but more importantly, and this is my personal (and so so many other's) opinion. So, you see, no legal problems with an opinion on a blog...right!? His bedding is the stuff to stay away from. No offense, Bob. That's what I do for a living, and I know how many good people, after buying a set of "Bob's this" or "Bob's that" bedding, they are quick to return it and go to the nearest Gold Bond dealer. And that's us! Thanks everyone for your comments. i'm a lucky guy nervous about Schill but excited about every day of this Red sox '07 season. And if you DO want to relive 2004, there's no better way than going back to this post and clicking on the title. I've had more time to watch more of the discs, and it is a quality product at a great price. If you're a St. Louis fan, first of all, nice to see you here, and second of all, you might not like this boxed set. But for Sox fans? Words cannot describe! I mean that.


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