Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fiction, From A Friend......

My good friends, you can call her N. She wrote this...and I enjoyed. I hope you do too. And again, the Sox, that team from Boston, are stuck on one run on this Sunday afternoon. SO FAR! Don't forget!! Stay away from the on...............


Once upon a time, there were two very good friends.
The boy’s name was Robby and the girl's name was
Amanda. They were only 5 years apart. Hope was just
10, and Robby was 15. They both liked to play hide and
go seek outside, in the lush green meadow right
outside of Robby’s house. There was a dark forest
surrounding the field they loved to play in, and the
forest, as some village people believed, was haunted.
But as kids were those days, they always liked scary
and mysterious things, and stories that were told by
their grandfathers and grandmothers late at night,
when the wolves howled and the moon was full and high.
As children do sometimes, they always dared each other
to do the most dangerous things, so Robby dared Hope
to go into the forbiddingly dark forest. She wasn’t
about to show him her fear of the dark and the
creatures that might lurk within the shadows of the
forest. So she went in, and Robby, upon her command,
followed. As they searched their way through the thick
trees, the hour grew late, and the feeling of someone
watching them with hungry and terrifying eyes was born
within their minds. Hope grew impatient of the dare,
and yearned for the moment when they finally would
leave the forest. The moon was now high and bright
above their heads and the depressing cries of a lonely
wolf had muted the rustling sound of the leaves that
were tossed around by the scarcely noticeable wind.
That bright orb in the sky made the forest more
mysterious than it already was. Mist had fallen,
surrounding them, and the spots of bright light shined
on the trunks of the trees, eerily illuminating them.
Unsure of anything, they moved toward the other side
of the forest, and they sensed a sudden and annoying
feeling that somebody or something was following them.
And it was at that moment that Robby decided they had
gone far enough. They should turn back before they
really DO get lost in this cursed forest. When they
made the slow and somehow impatient turn back, what
they saw was something that was incredibly disturbing.
What they saw was disturbing enough to make them drop
to their knees in berefit. And now darkness was
staring them straight in the eyes. And they, in that
noteworthy moment, declined the thought to walk to the
other side of the forest. As one of them took a step
forward, the things they feared most had appeared,
ghostly and terrifying. The gleaming eyes of the
wolves had interrupted their way. The hungry growls
and the pearly white teeth cast a deadly scene, which
caused Robby and Hope to take one more step back only
to find a close friend of their enemy. The beast stood
behind them. And at that moment, two children seemed
to be a lovely meal for the hungry wolves, but they
were left disappointed and yearning for blood. As the
wolves kept their full attention on Hope, Robby was
set free of the animals gaze. The creatures could wait
no longer. One leaped and sank his teeth into Hope’s
soft flesh surrounding her neck. And as Robby slowly
backed away from the attack and the screams of an
innocent child, Hope’s gaze fell upon his blue eyes.
He realized he couldn’t leave her there, but saving
his own life was at that moment his first priority. So
he ran, ran as far and as fast as he could, no matter
how hard the branches of the thick trees scarred his
face. And he didn't stop, not even when the only thing
that was on his mind was Hope’s disapproving gaze. His
fear and most unwanted dreams had, in fact, come true.
He had dreamt that this would happen, a nightmare that
was burned into his mind long ago, and the thing that
made him wake up in his dream, made him want to break
out of his bone and flesh at that moment, was upon
him. It was a chance, but his legs couldn’t carry him
fast enough for him to even try to get away. The
thought and the agony of the truth, and truth was
this. No matter how hard he tried to run, he could not
run fast enough, and when he tried to move his legs
faster, it was as if they were moving in slow, hard
motions, and he could not run away no matter how hard
his desire might have been. The wolves had noticed the
running child and started after him, but the menacing
pain and agony in their empty stomachs made them turn
back on impact just before they caught up to him.
Years have passed, and every single night, he
awoke drenched in cold sweat to the loud screams of
Hope, and the sight of her blood being spilled upon
the ground, fresh and flowing red, andthe sound of her
flesh being torn from her bones. And he still was
running, running away from the decision he made, and
the fact that he can’t turn back and try to save her
Then one night, on the same night that she died,
and under the same moon light, and by the same howl of
hungry wolves in the forest, she came. She came to
haunt him, and ask, why, oh why, did you make me die
that night, and why didn’t you turn back and try to
save me, even if that meant sacrificing yourself in
the process. He did not know…it was all too painful to
remember. And now she will come every night, and make
him relive that night, every year, on the same day and
hour. Unless she can look deep into her half eaten
heart and try, and only try, to forgive him for what
he has done.

PETER here, and as I said before, please stay away from that shaded patch of woods with the strange rust-colored patches of earth....especially in the dead of night. With the bright but dead moonlight creating shadows of dread and death. I don't want to lose any more of my readers, use your imagination.......if you dare.


At 7/01/2007 2:41 PM, Blogger Nodd Blossom said...

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At 7/01/2007 8:54 PM, Blogger call me N said...

Hmm, id like to say that i very much apreciate that Peter decided to add this interesting piece of writing to his blog, means alot to me really. And well...when im saying like to say it for all of you readers of this blog out there, that are fans of Red Sox, go Red Sox! Very nice blog, Petes...really.

At 7/02/2007 6:45 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Thank you CMN....and, my readers, she is the author of that chilling piece of fiction.....and I know she is a normal and stable person who just set out to write a creepy fiction short story. Hey N, great job!!!

At 7/02/2007 4:07 PM, Blogger call me N-clip-ahoy said...

Sorry Petes, i forgot my password on the other name, so i'll be using this one. :D

At 7/02/2007 5:05 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Have a great Monday night, everyone.

At 7/02/2007 5:29 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Clip ahoy????? OK!!!! You're funny!


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