Monday, August 06, 2007

Solid Sox Safeco Success

Sunday afternoon, the Boston Red Sox took the rubber game of the three game series against the Seattle Mariners by a score of 9-2. It was a solid win from top to bottom as Josh Beckett pitched 6 2/3 innings of 8 hit one run ball, collecting 9 strikeouts along the way. The bullpen, in the form of Okajima and Delcarmen, was unscored upon while Kyle Snyder was a little shaky in the ninth, giving up a lone run. Manny homered (number 489) and Youk had two hits, as did Coco and Lowell. Coco was all over the place, and was nearly run over by a mascot driven ATV. That could have been serious, but thank goodness it was only a glancing blow.

So the Sox finally move 25 games over the .500 mark. They have a record of 68-43, and they are starting to win series. As starter josh Beckett said after the game........

"If we win series from here on out, it'll be tough for anyone to catch us."

Peter here, and that's what I was thinking on this eve of a three game set with the tough Anaheim Angels. Here are your pitching matchups.......

Schilling (6-4, 4.20) vs. Jered Weaver (7-5, 4.00) tonight
Tim Wakefield (13-9, 4.55) vs. Joe Saunders (5-0, 3.10) Tuesday
Jon Lester (1-0, 5.09) vs. Dustin Moseley (4-1, 4.43) Wednesday.

All the eyes of RSN are turned to Curt Schilling tonight in the hope that he can be a force to reckon with for the remainder of the season and post season. I have a feeling he will. Bigtime.
Click on the title of this post for more on last night's game. Have a great Monday.


At 8/06/2007 2:15 PM, Blogger Suldog said...

Very alliterative, Peter!

Schill tonight! I'm psyched!

At 8/06/2007 2:35 PM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Ready For Curt:


Shaddap & Pitch Like We Know Ya;


At 8/06/2007 3:18 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Sul...I am soooo psyched!
Michael.....Curt and our Sox....well, we're going to be just OK!

At 8/07/2007 6:30 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

He was OK...maybe he should have come out after 6.........Toronto must beat the Yanks tonight (Tues.). Someone must!!!


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