Thursday, November 15, 2007

AROD Negotiates WITHOUT Boras...Schill On Lowell

Today on this early Thursday morning, all signs are pointing towards AROD returning to the New York Yankees. For a decade. He and his wife traveled to Florida to meet with the Steinbrenners, and it looks like there is a 10 year deal in the works that would pay him roughly $27 million per year. That's $270 million shekals! A quarter of a billion smackers!! My goodness. A $25 million incentive will be built into it when (not if) he passes Bonds, Ruth and Aaron to become the all-time home run king. If he does go back to the Yankees, it might (accent on "might") mean there is a better chance that Mike Lowell will return to the Red Sox, but I don't think the Sox will EVER give him the four year deal he's looking for. And that doesn't make Mike Lowell a villain for holding out for what he wants. Curt Schilling put it best yesterday, on WEEI radio. Here's part of what he said....

"I really, honestly, don't want to see this turn into a segment of people against Mike Lowell or Mike Lowell's greedy," pitcher Curt Schilling told WEEI-AM Wednesday. "Mike Lowell earned the right to do what he is doing. Mike's signing probably one of the last huge contracts he's going to have a chance to sign. I want him to get everything he can get.
"If it's three years and $45 million here and three years and $49 million or $50 million somewhere ... he's staying here. I would bet my bottom dollar he's staying here, just in knowing the man. But if someone offers him four [years] at $58 [million], or four at $60 [million] and he's at $40 [million], do you blame him? No, you don't, and you can't."

Peter here, and I totally agree with Curt, outspoken though he is. You know why? What he said makes perfect sense. This will be Mikey's last chance for "the big one," and no one should deny him that chance of lifetime financial security for his family and himself. He certainly deserves it. And there are unsubstantiated rumors out there that the Yankees covet Mike Lowell, not for third base with AROD's imminent return, but TO PLAY FIRST BASE. They certainly are in a money spending mood this lonely month of November, and they want to "stick it" to the World Champions. Ha! But what an infield that would make! Wow.

Lastly, the Boston Red Sox will open the season in Japan. This is from the Hartford Courant....

"Major League Baseball announced Wednesday the Red Sox and Oakland A's will play the first two games of 2008 at the Tokyo Dome March 25 and 26.
The Red Sox and A's will also play exhibition games against Japanese teams March 22 and 23.
With Matsuzaka and All-Star Hideki Okajima returning to their homeland, the tour promises to be a marketing success for MLB in Japan."

Peter here, and the Sox, already a favorite in Japan, will become even more so. And when they return to the States, jetlag will be reduced to a minimum because they will play two exhibition games on the left coast before resuming the early April season in Oakland. But there's a big drawback....the Red Sox spring training schedule will be cut by almost two weeks. There are members of RSN who plan on spending time in Florida every year, watching their Sox play in Fort Myers. But it's eastward ho, and the games will be televised here in the early morning hours. There's an approximately 12 hour time difference, so an evening game there is a morning game here. Oh well, rush hour morning drive time with the Sox and A's! Nice way to get to work.

Click on the title of this post for the Globe's Nick Carfado's look at yesterday, not a great day for the Red Sox in terms of free agents comings and goings. Have a wonderful Thursday, be safe and be happy. Forever. As always, your comments are welcome. Now click on that title for a very interesting and tought provoking Sox article. Thanks.


At 11/15/2007 4:12 PM, Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

It will get better, Peter! You know Theo won't let Cashman upstage him for long!

At 11/15/2007 4:13 PM, Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

"no one should deny him that chance of lifetime financial security for his family and himself."

He could do that for two million.

At 11/16/2007 7:02 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

MCW, hi. And I know that...but we never know. That's what I wrote about on this Friday's another Sox vs. Yanks, and Theo will never say die. Nor will I!!


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