Saturday, November 03, 2007

Two Reasons Why The Sox Won It All

I want to give you the two of the most important reasons why the Boston Red Sox are the World Champions. Their names are John Farrell and Terry Francona. First, our pitching coach. John did a tremendous job with our pitching staff, starters and relievers alike. When there was an injury, the correct measures were taken to heal it. If a guy was in some sort of trouble out on the mound, he would trot out there and calm his pitcher, imparting invaluable information as to what might be the matter, and how to fix it. In most cases, it worked! Look at our team ERA....unbelievable, and in the World Series, even better. Great job, John Farrell. Thank you.

And now to our manager supreme, Mr. Terry Francona. Two times in the last four years, he has taken his team, OUR team, to the pinnacle of success, the World Championship. And it's no coincidence he did it twice. His blend of caring and patient nuturing of the youngest players all the way up to the most grizzled of veterans was the secret. His ability to know JUST when to take a starter out and go to his strong bullpen was, for the most part, the best in all of baseball. Again, look at the stats and the innings pitched, the careful use of Jonathon Papelbon until the time of the year came when he was unleashed on the baseball world, with great success, and his general likeability to players and fans alike. Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International are so lucky to have him, for in Tito Francona, we have the best manager in all of baseball. Tito, thank you, and that's from all of us out here who live and die by your team's fortunes. For all the happiness and joy in our hearts and souls, you are SIMPLY THE BEST.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Super-tropical storm Noel will make its impact on mostly eastern and southern New England today, so be careful out there. With the wind and the rain will come slippery roads, what with all the leaves, or most of them, having hit the ground and roads. And what's left of any leaves still clinging to their tree perches will soon also hit the ground, with a healthy helping of Noel wind. Be safe, wear your seatbelts, and have a fantastic, although baseball-less weekend. I guess we'll have to get used to it. For about four months! See ya!!

Oh, click on the title of this post for the news from the Boston Globe, our heartbeat newspaper, that John Farrell has declined to take the Pittsburgh Pirates' managerial job, and will stay with the Red Sox. And that's good news for ALL of us. It's just a bundle of smiles here today, isn't it? And that's just the way I like it!


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