Monday, November 26, 2007

The Winter Meetings Are so Close! December 3rd Through December 7th

That's right! It's hard to believe that the winter meetings begin one week from today, commencing on December 3rd and ending the following Friday, December 7th. The most visible and obtainable pitcher will likely be the Minnesota Twins phenom lefty, Johan Santana, and it seems like the Twins are more than willing to trade him for good young talent. This is from SI....

"Minnesota's proposal to Santana, who was 15-13 with a 3.33 ERA and 235 strikeouts in 2007, was for a four-year extension -- not the five years that's been previously reported -- and isn't believed to have brought the sides much closer to a contract. While Santana's asking price isn't known, it is generally thought to be well in excess of the $126-million contract the Giants gave last winter to free agent pitcher Barry Zito, who isn't considered in Santana's league. It is believed that as a free agent next winter the lefthanded Santana could earn at least $150 million, or more, providing he stays on his current path of productivity. So the sides could be as much as $50 million apart, or even more."

More! "...the left-hander will dominate the Winter Meetings that open Sunday in Nashville. After center fielders Andruw Jones and Aaron Rowand, the free agent market is thin."

Peter here....the Red Sox have the money to sign him to a multi-year contract, but they DO NOT want to part with Pedroia (in fact, he will not be mentioned in any trade talks), Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester or Clay Buchholz. Coco Crisp? There's a spot for him in the Twin's outfield, and he will probably go. Somewhere. Or he might be our fourth outfielder, which will make the return of Kielty (see below) that much more remote. I'd be comfortable seeing Jon Lester go with him in order to get Santana, but Buchholz, who has a much greater upside than Lester EVER will, or Jacoby? No thank you.

Click on the title of this post for a Monday Boston Herald article about Bobby Kielty. Where will he go? Will he be back? Just click on that title. My readers, make the most of your Monday. I have a doctor appointment at 1PM EST today, one that I've not been looking forward to. But I WILL be a happy guy when I'm on the way OUT of his office, on the way to my car. THAT'S what I'm looking forward to! Be well, and I hope your holiday was an unforgettable one. Mine was!!!!


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