Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Are We Close?? There's Bedard Out There, Too!!

The Twins and the Red Sox appear to be getting closer to an agreement for a trade to land Johan Santana. The Twins seem to be mad at the Yankees for their imposed deadline that expired last night, and, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, were considering filing a tampering grievance agains the Pinstripers. You see, it's against MLB rules to openly discuss a player under contract to another team. So the soap opera continues. This is from today's Boston Globe....

"It was after midnight in the Music City, and the Red Sox and Minnesota Twins were exchanging medical information on pitchers Johan Santana and Jon Lester, indicating that the clubs may be closing in on a deal for the two-time Cy Young Award winner.
The Sox and Twins were locked in negotiations after the Yankees refused to include another top prospect, pitcher Ian Kennedy, in a package that already included top pitching prospect Phil Hughes and center fielder Melky Cabrera.
It was uncertain whether the Sox also were including center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury in their offer."

Peter here, and I don't understand how the Twinkies could pass up a deal that included both Lester AND Ellsbury, although I hope it doesn't come down to that. Having the one-two punch of Josh "Baseball" Beckett and Johan Santana in the Sox starting rotation would make the Boston Red Sox prohibitive favorites to repeat as World Champions. Wouldn't that be nice? And this is from the Washington Post, from Tuesday.....

"Around Bedard, however, the momentum continued to build. There are few teams, if any, who would not want a 28-year-old lefty who looked like the AL's Cy Young winner until his season was cut short by a minor arm injury in August and who is still two years away from free agency, at a relatively bargain cost of perhaps $17 million over the 2008 and 2009 seasons."

Santana...Bedard....who knows? Click on the title of this post for the entire Boston Globe article. I'll be back as the news warrants. So keep your ears near a radio or your eyes on the computer, for maybe sometime today, sometime today.......


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