Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Poem Sent To Me This Morning....

Peter here, and this was sent to me this morning by a very special friend. She knows who she is! It's called SILLY ME.....

**SILLY ME** NW-2007

I'm in love with a man who is ever so sweet.
I'm in love with a heart that does not skip a beat.

I'm in love with a voice that is always so kind.
I'm in love with a mind that overpowers all minds.

I'm in love with eyes that captured me so.
I'm in love with someone I cannot let go.

I'm in love with the lips that trapped mine forever.
I want to be with you forever and ever.

And most of all, as you can see,
I'm in love with you.
Ha ha, silly me.

Hello, my Constant Readers. I thought that was so sweet. I hope you're having as great a day as I am. Be well.


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