Thursday, December 06, 2007

Plenty Of Nothing. (Nothing's Plenty For Me!)

That's what the Minnesota Twins and the world champion Boston Red Sox have accomplished these last few days down in Nashville at the almost completed winter meetings. And Billy Smith thinks nothing will get done. But other teams, namely the New York Mets and the Seattle Pilots...oops....Mariners, might try to sneak in. Good luck to them! And NEVER count the New York Yankees out. NEVER! This quote is from Johan Santana's agent, Peter Greenberg.....

"We're just waiting and watching 'SportsCenter' and reading what you guys are writing," Santana's agent Peter Greenberg said. "Everything seems to change on a daily basis. I thought it would have been done already. I think everybody did. I guess Bill hasn't gotten what he feels is fair value." The Red Sox operated this week from a position of strength, not needing to add Santana to a quality rotation. And once the Yankees dropped out of the race, the Red Sox had even less incentive to give away valued prospects."

Peter here, and we ALL thought it would be done by now, for the winter meetings are drawing to a close. I hope Theo and the powers that be remember that two arms are needed for the bullpen, Tito needs a contract and 'Tek needs an extention. Bullpen arms are a MUST. If Santana goes somewhere OTHER than the Yankees, good luck to him. But I, and all of us, have no idea. Mets, Yankees, Mariners? Moe, Larry or Curley?? The Red Sox? OR the Twins. I'm dizzy with all the possibilities. But as the Nashville hours dwindle down to absolute zero, and that's cold, it seems more and more that the Twinkies will not part with Johan without raping another team. Hey Smith, it ain't gonna be us!! No way, no how, not even in your sweetest dreams, you money chasing chahser (a Yiddish word meaning a selfish bast*rd).

Click on the title of this post for the Boston Globe's Gordon Edes' look at the state of the Sox in these last waning hours of the 2008 winter meetings. It's a very special piece, and I would recommennd taking two minutes to read it. It's essential. And Theo, don't forget our immediate needs...the bullpen, especially.

Thanks to every one of you, my Constant Readers. You make my writing worth it!! And I thank every one of you for that, straight from my heart. Have a wonderful and safe Thursday, a morning with the frost crusted so high and thick on the leaves and the grass, with the temperature hovering nearer 10 degrees F. than 20! So stay warm, and be well. Forever.


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