Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Boston Globe PRESELLS History? It Sure Looks Like It...

Happy Tuesday! I came across this article at the Yardbarker dot com sports website, and I had a good laugh. Here it is, and then I'll be back with a comment. Remember, these are Gordon Edes' words, not mine. But he IS one of my favorite sportswriters...

***Boston Globe Pre-Selling***

"Not the way I wanted to start my day. I know I'm sounding paranoid here, but I do believe fully in karma when it comes to sports. I don't bet on my teams (their winning is joy enough) and I don't like to talk sh*t before a game... I don't even rub it in after (well, unless its the Colts, Jets and of course, the Yankees).
So you can see why I'm a tad disappointed and upset by an email I got from Amazon.com stating that, "19-0: The Historical Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots" by the Boston Globe was now available for pre-order.
I got the email because I have previously purchased Red Sox championship collections from the Globe -- they are a great way to re-live the glory days. One thing was different though -- THEY DIDN'T START SELLING IT UNTIL AFTER THE SOX WON THE DAMN WORLD SERIES."
Peter here. Are you superstitious? I guess the brain trust of the Boston Globe isn't. The New England Patriots have been installed as overwhelming favorites, to no one's surpise, as the "blue flu" bug marches through the entire New York Giants team. I'm sure those who are affected will rebound in plenty of time for the "big game." But needless to say, a 19-0 season would be unprecedently sweet, even though it HASN'T HAPPENED YET! Talk about jumping the gun...my goodness!

In baseball news, that genius who goes by the name of Chuck Knoblauch has replied to the Congressional committee and has agreed to appear before them to "tell the truth and nothing but the truth." Just the fact that he failed to reply to their inquiries and had to force them to file an arrest warrant makes him look guilty as sin. He knows it. We know it. Congress knows it. THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT!!! And I'm so glad I don't walk in his shoes.

Hey, enjoy your Tuesday, which promises to be a warm one here in north central Connecticut. High temperatures will be in the middle 40s, and the strength of the sun's rays is becoming more and more noticible as the days fly by, quickly turning late January into early February. Before we know it, March will be staring us right in the face, and that means one thing to me...SPRING TRAINING & BASEBALL 2008. So hold on to your hats and wait for that wild ride to begin. The Red Sox are THE favorites to take it all yet again, but I've learned one important thing when it comes to a six month season...ANYTHING can happen, and probably will.

Oh, I almost forgot. Click on the title of this post for a Boston Globe "Extra Bases" blog article that details the Red Sox signing of reliever David Aardsma. And as always, BE WELL. Forever.


At 1/29/2008 10:44 AM, Blogger gingerly said...

The Times article on Knoblauch/Clemens/Pettite today had a fun sentence:

"While Clemens continues to insist he has not used performance-enhancing drugs, his lawyers have recently argued that Congress does not need to spend its time on the hearing."

I'll bet Clemens and his attorneys wish (real hard) that Congress would "spend its time" on other things.

Next week should be fun.

At 1/29/2008 12:18 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Well said, as always! It could be fun, especially if the hearings are to be televised. I NEVER wish anything bad to anyone ever, but if Rog does NOT tell the truth, it would be his own fault. Same for Knobby Knoblauch....Andy P. has already "come clean."
Thanks again for your neverending and entertaining comments.

At 1/29/2008 5:02 PM, Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

(sticks fingers in ears)



At 1/29/2008 5:14 PM, Blogger yj said...

Amazon.com has the same book in NY Giants for $13.57.

New York Giants: 2008 Super Bowl Champions [ILLUSTRATED](Hardcover)
by Sports Publishing (Author), Sports Publishing Inc (Creator)


At 1/29/2008 7:23 PM, Blogger redsox.njdevils said...

I'm not sure when it was announced, but I just checked FoxSports a few minutes ago and it said the Mets got Santana for four prospects (Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra, and Kevin Mulvey).

I'm sure you'll elaborate on this tommorow morning, but I'm just glad it's finally over!

At 1/30/2008 6:51 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Brit, it's over...and I did write about it this morning. Thank you. I heard about it yesterday evening, but I'm not on my computer after 4pm or so. Thank you, my roving reporter!!
Lisa, hi to you too!
YJ, I heard that there was a "companion" book for sale over at Amazon. I hope it sells ZERO copies, except maybe for curiosity seekers.

THANKS ALL! You're the best!!!!!!!!


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