Sunday, January 13, 2008

Butt, Butt...

Good Sunday morning. I'll file this post under the heading "might contain too much information." It concerns the buttocks of one Roger Clemens, known as "Rocket" to some, "future All Star" to others, and "liar" to a growing number of sports enthusiasts and members of Congress. This is from ESPN dot com, dated January 12...

"Brian McNamee told federal law enforcement officials that Roger Clemens developed an abscess on his buttocks around the time that McNamee said he was giving him steroid injections in 1998, a lawyer with knowledge of details of the case told The New York Times.
'It is far less likely that any injection of vitamin B12 or lidocaine, which is usually not injected deep into the body, would have created an abscess," said Dr. Gary I. Wadler, a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency, according to the Times. "Steroid users tend to repetitively inject the drug deep into the muscle and this has been associated with the development of sterile abscess.' "

Peter here, and this, of course, proves absolutely nothing. But right now Roger Clemens is surrounded by a fuzzy haze of unbelievability, and if it IS found out that he has been lying through his teeth, I can't even begin to imagine the embarassment and shame that will be heaped upon him AND his entire family. So a big part of me hopes that he has been telling the 100% honest truth, but there also is a big chunk of me that does not believe him. NOT ONE BIT. He certainly has stood his ground in utter defiance, and I hope that by doing that he is not making a huge mistake. Because the truth WILL COME OUT just like the sun will set this afternoon and rise again Monday morning. At least we have to hope so, or the end of the world as we know it would be at hand.

Have a great Sunday. I'll be back with something a little later. Congrats to the Packers and the Patriots, and OH, WHAT A GAME Tom Brady had! He completed 26 of 28 of his passes, with 3 TDs. That set the NFL playoff record for pass completion percentage. Oh my!! Or as Ned Martin always said, "MERCY!"

Click on the title of this post for the entire Clemens ESPN article. It's there for you. Have a wonderful weekend, root for the Chargers, and, as always, BE WELL.


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