Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cashman And Steinbrenner And Santana...The New Boss And The GM Disagree??

I came across an article from the Sunday Boston Herald, written by the always readable Rob Bradford, that I'd like to comment about. Here's a bit of it, and I'll link the entire piece to this post's title. Read on!

"As Brian Cashman walked out of Fenway Park's EMC Club yesterday, the New York Yankees general manager offered a final message.
“Right now,” said Cashman, “all is quiet.”
But when it comes to the Yankees and a potential trade for Minnesota Twins ace Johan Santana, comments from both Cashman and the team’s senior vice president, Hank Steinbrenner, suggest serenity is anything but the norm these days.
On Friday, Steinbrenner told the Associated Press: “Nothing is really decided at this point. I’m still leaning toward doing it. There’s others leaning not to do it. There are some others that are leaning to do it also. Disagreements within the organization. Nothing major, but just different opinions. I’ve changed my opinion a couple times.”
(Steinbrenner then said this about Cashman) “I always told him, ‘I’m going to make the final decisions because when you’re the owner you should,’ ” Steinbrenner said. “He is the general manager, and he has the right to talk me out of it and he has talked me out of some things.”

Peter here. Internal strife on a cohesive team like the Yankees? Nah (just kidding)!! Well, it would seem so, because in real life, rather than in the attempts from the teams's publicity machine that would suggest "all is well, no icebergs in sight," there are disagreements between the new Boss, son of the old Boss, and their competent (at least in my opinion) general manager, Brian Cashman. When Hankie says he wants to pull the trigger and do it, and by that I mean trade for the services of the best lefty in all of baseball, that means the Yankees WILL give it their best shot(s), young pitchers deemed previously untouchable be damned. Touchable you very well might be! But everything right now on this still dark but warm January Sunday morning is up in the air, like the hazy outline of a shimmering "something" haunting the upper reaches of your house, feet sliding on the floor and the rattle of chains barely audible over the sound of your own body shaking uncontollably, heart palpitating, madly out of control with unfathomable fears. OOPS, I was reading a horror novel last night, a good one, and I guess a little of that quivering and shivering spilled over into this post. Forgive me, but I can give you more. No? Oh well, back to Johan and his new suitor. Until Minnesota gets its internal thinking together, nobody knows what the Twinkies will do. We all know one thing...they DO NOT want to watch Johan walk away to free agency and be left with a couple draft picks. So January might be a news-filled month. Stay tuned...same Red Sox time, same Red Sox channel...RIGHT HERE!

Don't forget to watch 60 Minutes tonight, with the Mike Wallace/Roger Clemens segment. It will air after the CBS football coverage on your local CBS affiliate. I've had fun writing this post, and when you click on its title, you will be directed to the original Boston Herald Rob Bradford article. Have a tremendous Sunday, and as always, EVERY DAY, I thank you for being here. You make me happy! Be well.


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