Sunday, January 20, 2008

Red Sox Eying Brad Wilkerson

Good morning on this football Sunday, a cold one, as promised. But not as cold as it will be in Green Bay, which will have an absurd high temperature in the LOW single numbers, WITHOUT any wind chill factored in. But I digress. I'm good at it! The Boston Red Sox are reportedly looking into the possibility of obtaining Brad Wilkerson, an outfielder/first baseman lefty, to take on the role that Eric Hinske filled so well last year. This excerpt is from the Herald's Rob Bradford and the great site MLB Trade Rumors. Read on...

"As was first suggested by MLB Trade Rumors, it has been learned that the Red Sox do have some interest in outfielder/first baseman Brad Wilkerson, although there still figures to be healthy competition for the free agent. It has been reported that he is asking for a three year deal worth $21 million.
The idea would be presumably be to slot Wilkerson in the role filled last season by Eric Hinske, a left-hander off the bench who can play both outfield and first base. For his career, Wilkerson has actually hit lefties better than righties, boasting a .245 against right-handers and .265 vs. southpaws. His power numbers, however, do suggest much better success against righties (90 compared to 28 against lefties)."

Peter here, and I know it's always important to have a back up guy for the first base position and a back up to our four (for now) man outfield contingent, and I am also aware how important it is to add another lefthanded hitter to come into the game from the bench, if only for a pinch hitting swing or four. But $21 million bucks for three years? That's what he is reportedly looking for. I guess those in the know will make this decision, and a lefty who can come off the bench and hit the ball to the opposite field (the Green monster) would be valuable. His power numbers against right handed hurlers look much better than Hinske's, so by adding him to the club, an improvement would be obvious. But the price? Time will tell. And there is competition from other teams, some of them more desperate for a player like Wilkerson. With another 'pen arm and a couple new contracts, the Boston Red Sox, MY team, and maybe yours, too, is in great shape. On paper. And in experience. Bring on April!

Have a great Sunday, root for the Patriots if you wish, and just have a wonderful day. I linked an aricle from today's Boston Globe which has all the latest on Kevin Youkilis and his arbitration proceedings. Here's a little bit of that Globe piece...

"Youkilis, who turns 29 March 15, ranked third in batting average among all AL qualifiers at first base in 2007 with a .288 average. His on-base percentage of .390 ranked second only to Carlos Peña, and he was also second in OPS (on-base plus slugging) at .843. His 35 doubles ranked second to the Angels' Casey Kotchman. Youkilis also established a career high in home runs with 16, and while he hit just .238 after the break (.328 before), he hit .500 in the AL Championship Series against the Indians, with three home runs and seven RBIs."

Peter here, and do not forget that Kevin Youkilis, at first base, had ZERO (no, none, nothing!) errors! As always, stay warm and BE WELL.


At 1/20/2008 11:55 AM, Blogger gingerly said...


I just keep thinking of what you said a couple of posts ago -- that Youk only gets a salary of about 424k (!!) And now there's this news item about paying Wilkerson 21M for three years!?

Francona without a multi-year contract, and Youk earning peanuts? What's going on? Youk is unbeatable at first base, and Francona makes (or lets, just as good) it all happen.

And we had to sweat bullets to see if they'd re-sign Lowell! Sometimes I don't get the money situation with the Red Sox at all.

I've been mad ever since I read that salary figure for Youk.


At 1/20/2008 1:28 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Thanks Keith, on this so cold January day...the sun is out, but it isn't getting ANY warmer. I agree with you. Have a great Sunday, and GO PATS!!

I just put on the movie FRANKENSTEIN, the newest one (for free, in Hi Def!)......until three o'clock, and then it's friends and football time! Thanks for your comment!! Pete

At 1/20/2008 1:30 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Keith, did you read my post from a New Jersey reader? That made me smile! Be well, and enjoy this Sunday! PN


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