Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter Storm Christopher Is About To BOP Us...'s me, just a few minutes after my last post on this still dark Sunday morning, a morning to go to the supermarket and stock up. That's what everybody's mindset will be, because when a big storm is forecast to hit in the nighttime hours and every school in the state will be closed tomorrow, people MUST GO OUT AND BUY MILK. Milk? Why, will the cows not make it through this storm? Moo to my bovine readers! Oh, another item that will be on people's shopping lists...BREAD. Milk and bread. All I know is that I will be one of those who will be at the market when they open up at 8AM. But I was going anyways, and milk and bread are NOT on my list. Does that make me different in any way? No, I'll just be another person waiting in the checkout line, chatting about the weather to come with my fellow friends and neighbors while waiting for my items to be lucky enough to be scanned by a trained professional. Just one of the masses.

I'll be back early tomorrow morning, with a link to the northeast radar so that you, like me, can follow the expected foot of snow AS it falls! There's nothing like the school boy feeling of waking up in the morning, and prying open sleep-encrusted eyes with wonderment as the snow falls quickly and wonderfully.

Comments are always welcome and always responded to feel free. BE WELL. And enjoy your Sunday!


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