Friday, February 01, 2008

Alex Cora Briefly Jailed...

New reader Sox/Devils (you see her comments all over the place!) sent me a link to the following article that concerns our utility infielder supreme, Alex Cora. Here is that piece, and it's from TCPalm, a Florida news publication. Afterwords, I'll be back with a comment. Thanks Sox/Devils, AKA Brittany...

"Boston Red Sox infielder Alex Cora, 32, was booked into the Martin County Jail Wednesday morning after turning himself in on failure to appear charges, according to arrest records.
Cora was a Los Angeles Dodgers infielder when he was arrested for driving under the influence in April 1999 after he told law enforcement officials he had left Club 007 in Stuart after having “a few beers.” Cora was stopped for allegedly traveling 84 mph in a 45 mph zone driving north on U.S. 1 and took a roadside sobriety test, but refused to take a breath test, according to reports.
The charge stemmed from his failure to appear for an arraignment in reference to a violation of probation in the original 1999 DUI case, according to Martin County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Rhonda Irons."

Peter here. The original charge was from 1999, the year we partied with Prince, or the artist NOT named Prince but who really was. That's almost nine years ago, but it really doesn't matter. If the court system sends you a "cordial" invitation to appear before them, it's best TO SHOW UP! Why? Because sooner or later, they're going to find you. Ask Chuck Knoblauch, or the Son of Sam, or John Wilkes Booth. I could go on, but I think those few names cover the whole gamut of people wanted for SOMETHING while running from the law. Driving under the influence is not a minor infraction, but if Alex had taken care of everything when he was supposed to, the whole enchilada would have melted into and become part of the grains of sand that we call time. Good luck Mr. Cora...we need you in 2008. We really do. And thank you Brittany, AKA Sox/Devils from New Jersey. I wouldn't have known about this except for your eagle eyes! This is one reason of many why MY readers are the absolute best. Every one of you.

So....have a wonderful Friday and a great Super Sunday weekend. I'll be back tomorrow, and on Sunday I will pick apart the two Super Bowl teams and make a prediction. My regular readers all know that I am NOT a big fan of predictions, about ANYTHING. But this time I'll make an exception. And if I'm wrong, it will be because of the predicted point spread, NOT the predicted winner. I know that the spread has crawled down to less than two touchdowns, and that's where it should be...12 points or so. More on that over the weekend. Be safe today, and I'll be back before you know it. That's a promise. And click on the title of this post for the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman and HIS take on the Alex Cora story. Again, thank you Brittany, and thank you all. Why? Just for stopping by in the first place. As always, BE WELL. FOREVER.


At 2/01/2008 9:28 AM, Blogger TBG said...

Geez, it was almost 9 years ago. Since Cora hasn't had any infractions (that we know about since), I think he's learned his lesson.

At 2/01/2008 10:00 AM, Blogger gingerly said...

Let's hope this just fades away. Doesn't sound that serious to me, but what do I know?

Didn't comment yesterday, but you're right, those questions were WAY out of line. Nothing seems to make much sense in our country lately.

So I've got a question. What player(s) who are not Red Sox do you really enjoy? I think my favorite non-Sox player is Ronnie Belliard. I just love this guy. Another guy I love to watch is Phil Hughes, despite his pitching for the evil ones.

Who, out of the players still in the game, do you guys really like?

Wish that Santana trade would get finalized. Until then, I'm still nervous.

At 2/01/2008 1:41 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

TBG, thanks for the news upcoming (moments from now) post will thank you properly!

Keith, that's like asking me what my favorite Beatles' song is! I just can't do it!!! But I will have an answer for you a little later...promise.

I'm just about to pass on the news that TBG (Teddy Ball game) left me


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