Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Doki Doki Time

No, I haven't been drinking. Doki Doki is the name of Hideki Okajima's new pitch. This blurb is from the Sunday Boston Herald, and then I'll be back with a word from our sponser (not!)...

"The Red Sox relief pitcher revealed that his new pitch, which has been described as everything from a two-seam fastball to a “Shooto” (a pitch commonly thrown in Japan that breaks down and in to right-handed hitters), will be called the “Doki Doki.”
“(It) means ‘makes me nervous,’ ” Okajima said through his translator, Jeff Yamaguchi. For example, when describing how he will feel upon joining the rest of the Red Sox at the White House on Wednesday, he explained it will be “Doki Doki time."

Peter here on this pre-dawn Sunday morning, and after reading about the new pitch, I can't wait to see it. Oki threw it, and all his other pitches, during yesterday's batting practice. Afterwords, he had this to say...

"I threw everything I had, fastball, curveball, changeup and Doki-Doki," Okajima said. "I don't know which way it breaks, and it works against both left- and right-handed hitters. It's something to make hitters hit."

Peter here, and the Doki Doki sounds great to me. It will just add to Okajima's arsenal of breaking stuff, and will further bring fame to our "Darkman," the self-proclaimed hero of the dark, standing in the shadow of teammate Daisuke Matsuzaka. Last year he stood in the shadow of NO ONE, and established himself as one of the best and brightest lefty bullpen hurlers in all of baseball. Hey, he wasn't voted into the All Star game for nothing!

My Constant Readers, I hope you have an unforgettable Sunday, a Sunday where we find ourselves in between the bitter end of the football season and the hope-filled start of spring training. I'm ready, you're ready, we're ALL ready. So bring it on! Oh, and click on the title of this post to be directed to the entire Boston Herald "Doki Doki" article, penned by the one and only Rob Bradford. As always, BE WELL.


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