Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boston Red Sox 6 Hanshin Tigers 5

Big Papi David Ortiz hit a mammoth 500 plus foot home run but Clay Buchholz had another too short outing as the Boston Red Sox defeated the Hanshin Tigers by a score of 6-5. Clay "Bee" pitched 3 2/3 innings, throwing 76 pitches, 45 of them for strikes. He said this after his rather rough outing...

"Overall, I thought it went pretty well. I left a couple of pitches up over the plate and that hurt," said Buchholz, who pitched a no-hitter last Sept. 1 in his second major league start. "The Tiger hitters stayed back on the ball better than I thought they might."

So the Sox finally got to play a game. I worry about this topsy-turvy end of their pre-season, for they are missing out on the normal spring training schedule of games. Until yesterday, that is. They will play another exhibition game later today. All the regular season contests will be on NESN, and ESPN2 (with NESN) will screen the season opener on Tuesday morning. EARLY Tuesday morning. Be there!

In other somewhat disturbing news, Mike Timlin sustained a cut on the ring finger of his right hand, his throwing hand, his money hand. Terry Francona said it was doubtful that he would have to go on the disabled list, although Mike might not be available for Tuesday's early morning opening day game. Timlin had this to say about his availability...

"I don't know yet," Timlin said. "We have to check it out. I can play catch. The ball hit me off the end of the (ring) finger. I tried to get my hand out of the way, actually. I wasn't trying to reach and catch the ball."

Peter here, and I hope he can get back to the action as soon as possible. He's an important part, along with Hideki Okajima and "Little" Manny Delcarmen, of the three man 7th and 8th inning bridge to Jonathon Papelbon and salvation, and I'm sure we all wish him well. Used sparingly (NEVER for more than one inning), he will be a huge asset. He is needed. Our bullpen has four (or so) sure things and many question marks.

I wish all of you a gloriously happy and healthy Easter weekend. I linked an article from the Boston Globe, complete with a BIG picture of the wildly waving David Ortiz, to this post's title. Just click on it for a full and accurate and colorful account of Friday's (or was it Thursday? It wasn't Saturday!) game against the Tigers. You will enjoy it! As always, BE WELL. You are the best and I don't know what I'd do without you.

OH! I received an email from my Red Sox buddy in Tokyo. His blog name is "Superbowl," the link to his blog is on my link list, fourth from the top (check out the mention of Gordon Edes and...and me? Me!). Scroll down a little when you link to his blog to see his "Darkman" post to find it, and click on the link for Gordon's Edes' article that mentions the blog you are now reading. Mine!!! This is what Superbowl's Friday email had to say...

"Thank you Peter-san
Yes the Sox here in Japan!
Unfortunately, I coudn't get ticket
but just their arrival excite me
I'll be glued to the tube for a week."

RSN Int'l friend

Peter here, and you're welcome, Superbowl-san. Have fun watching the games in Tokyo. I imagine that the tickets were tough to come by, and I thank you for the email! And to everyone from Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International, as well as my Constant Readers, thank you for stopping by, and I'll be seeing you. SOON.


At 3/22/2008 8:59 AM, Blogger gingerly said...

It may be a stress on our guys, but the trip's kind of fun, too. You can see it on the players' faces.

You gonna watch the Tues/Wed games at 6 AM? I know you're a morning guy. Hell, even I'm getting up to watch them.

Real baseball. Gimme.

At 3/22/2008 11:58 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

You watch and I'm going to!

At 3/22/2008 4:14 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

, too!!


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