Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank you Gov. Rell...UCONN Women Rule!!

Why am I thanking the Gov?? I'll tell you. Last night the UCONN Women Huskies played and whipped DePaul to advance to the finals of the Big East Tournament. They are number ONE in the nation, and when it was obvious to her (the Gov.) that most of the state of Connecticut would not be able to watch the game (it was on ESPNU...useless to Comcast subscribers here), she stepped in. The game was broadcast on Connecticut Public Television, which is available to ALL cable Ct. people.....great job JODI! Tonight will be the finals....UCONN vs LOUISVILLE, in Hartford and on ESPN2 and ESPN 2 HD, nationwide at 7 PM. I can't wait!

If you want to see a quality basketball team, check it out! What, WOMEN'S basketball? In many ways, they are better than any men's team in our nation. They do everything JUST right. GO UCONN!!!!!!!!!! And please click on this post's title for the full happy joyous story.


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