Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2-0 Papi And His Red Sox Over A's...So Far

It ain't over! YET. The bullpen has to hold on to the slim (for now) lead. But Boston is hitting the ball, and now the bases are loaded in the 8th. WE SHALL SEE...the Sox are zero for four with the sacks far. Full details will be right here before you awaken. Thanks for all your earlier great comments!! ANOTHER BASE HIT, 'Tek scores and it's 3-0 good guys. 4 hits in a row off Lenny (no stuff) DiNardo. Youk stands in, STILL nobody retired in this 8th. Bases STILL loaded, as I will be if we don't score more (kidding). The count is 1-1. BASE HIT. 4-0 Sox with 5 straight singles. Papi striding to the plate...the count is 1-1. 2-1. Foul ball to make it 2-2. And another foul...inside..full count..big pitch time! Papi whiffs, but that's only the first out. Manny grounds into a double play. A 4-0 lead should be enough. Paps will have to work again after 16 pitches yesterday, but tomorrow is a day off and I'm sure he's raring to go!

I almost forgot...I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date, I'm late! (Alice in Wonderland) And on that note, I bid adieu. WELCOME BACK to the East coast, Boston Red Sox. We missed you.


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