Monday, April 07, 2008

A Canadian Clubbing, On The Rocks

Toronto completed its sweep of the Boston Red Sox with a 7-4 victory Sunday afternoon. At times Josh Beckett, the Sox starter, looked invincible, at other times perfectly ordinary. But he tired in the fifth, an inning that Tito Francona wanted him to finish. But he could not and left with the bases loaded. At the time, the score was 2-2. Respectful enough, right? But all it took was one pitch from the suddenly vulnerable Manny Delcarmen, a grand slam by Frank Thomas off of a Delcarmen fastball, and the game was out of reach. With the day off today, Tito gave Okie and Papelbon an inning of work each, but the damage had been done and the Red Sox were FINALLY able to head home. And good for was a grueling three country trip that started strong and ended weak. Josh Beckett had this to say after his outing, and it should make all of us feel better...

“My health was good,” the Red Sox ace said. Health-wise I’m fine, but obviously it was not the result you want,” said Beckett, who showed no ill effects of the strained back he suffered in spring training March 8 and kept him from traveling with the team to Japan. “But health-wise, I felt good."

Peter here, and Josh, those are the words we wanted to hear. This was Beckett's first start of the year, so it's understandable that he tired early. Francona wanted to limit him to 82-85 pitches and he ended up throwing 92. But all is well, it's early in the season and the Red Sox are home. Home. HOME at last! Oh, one other little thing...I said on Sunday early morning, before most of you were awake, that Kyle Snyder might be released, and lo and behold, he's gone. Many teams scouted him, so he'll end up somewhere and it will be fast! Thank you just didn't have it.

Thanks for stopping in yet again. I hope your weekend was a stellar one, and if you want to read more about yesterday's third straight Sox loss, simply click on the title of this post. I thank you for everything, and as always, be well. Forever.


At 4/07/2008 11:08 AM, Blogger DPS said...

My weekend would have been much more stellar if we could have taken at least one from the Blue Birds.

Looking forward to Tuesday's game. Are they doing rings before the home opener?

At 4/07/2008 1:07 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

YES, dps...the whole ring thing. It'll be on NESN, and I hope the three game streak will come to an end..I'll have the exact time inside my next post.

Thanks...are they the BLUE Birds, or the BOO Birds? Both will do for me. See ya!

At 4/07/2008 4:00 PM, Blogger Rooster said...

Peter - nice post. I was a little surprised they cut Snyder this early, but they clearly felt they were redundant between him and Tavares in terms of their role. With Colon looking good, they probably also feel comfortable not needing him in a spot start - so it makes sense.

Now we have two teams who have high expectations and are both trying to stop losing streaks (Sox and Tigers). Let's hope the Sox knock them out before they get comfortable.

What did you think of my Yankee analysis?

At 4/07/2008 4:17 PM, Blogger redsox.njdevils said...

Sorry about the Huskies...I (and, obviously, you) really thought they could have won it all.

We should do well against the Tigers, not only because we're at home, but also because they haven't won a game yet!

At 4/08/2008 6:12 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Brit, after the two season-ending knee injuries to Mel Thomas and Kalana Green, I knew they would be vulnerable. Wait 'till next year, I guess. Elena Della Dona joins the team as the unanimously best high school player in the nation. She's 6-5. We'll be back! But thank you for your good wishes. I love the women Huskies, and I was sad.
Roost, I knew they would drop Kyle and I even wrote it before they did it. In key situations, he could not deliver, especially this year. We're getting Timlin back soon, Colon is out for a week, so who can we count on in the 'pen except for Okie and Paps? At least right now. I'd love to know!
Thanks for the comments. Enjoy the Fenway ring day!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will.......

At 4/08/2008 6:13 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

And that's Delle Donna.....sorry!


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