Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet Gil Of Israel. A Long Time Sox Fan...

Hello to you just a little later on this beautiful Friday morning. I received an email from a Red Sox fan from the state of Israel. Israel has been and always will be a part of my heart, but that's just me. Click on this post's title to go to his home page, and then definitely put your sound on and click on his video, the first of many, I hope. If you'd like to donate, there will be something you can click once you've read this and click on the title of this post to see his video. With music and special Sox moments, I think it's something you would enjoy. After that, it's up to you. Enjoy the video...I KNOW YOU WILL. And here is his letter, also available on his website. So please read this and then click on the title, and then...then....prepare to smile. Click on the video screen,! Your blog guy Peter N. Thanks...

I'm Gil Rosenthal and I am an Israeli Boston Red-Sox fan!
I know, it's kind of a weird combination, but hey, I'm a weird kind of guy.
I'm a baseball fan in a country where most people couldn't tell the difference between a baseball and a dried up Orange!
I only get to watch about 20 games a year, including the post-season, because that's all they air here...And even then it's games against the Devil Rays! And the time difference! Just think that every game you get to watch at 7pm with your friends over a beer - I have to wake up at 3AM alone...and after the game when you go to sleep I need to leave for work!
What's worse is that I'm a Red Sox fan since I was a kid and I've never even been to Fenway!
And now - after celebrating 2 great championships alone at 4am trying not to wake up my girlfriend - I've had enough. That is why I have decided I will do anything I can to get me to Fenway in 2008!
Problem is - I need money. A lot of it. Me and my girlfriend live together in a small apartment, we're both students and I have to wake up before 6am to get to work just to pay the bills. At this rate I wont have enough money to see the Sox until 2020!
This is where YOU come in.
I know I can count on the Red Sox nation to help one of its own share the glory of the Red Sox!
I'll make it worth your while!
And if that means begging for money over the internet, I'll do it!
And if it means making an ass of myself just to get a few thousand people to put in a measly dollar they won't even feel is missing - then by God I'll do that too!
I know there are much more worthy charities out there, but I don't want to cure cancer, I just want to get to see my favorite team play a live game in the greatest ball-park on earth.
Any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated!



At 4/18/2008 1:51 PM, Blogger Collective Thoughts said...

Just thought I would check out your blog and say hi.

At 4/19/2008 5:49 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hello to you!!


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