Monday, May 26, 2008

Super-Streaky Sox Swept Swiftly...Oakland 6 Boston 3

The 2008 version of the Boston Red Sox has already established itself as a very streaky team. You know, win three, lose three, win five and then promptly lose five. It's getting to be frustrating! They were swept by Oakland's superior pitching Sunday afternoon as they bowed to the A's 6-3. That superior starting pitching for Oakland was plainly evident in all three games, and right now, the A's are a hot team, as they should be with that kind of rotation. Blanton bested Lester convincingly, pure and simple. Jon recently learned that his father has developed some form of cancer, what is thought to be a treatable form of the dreaded too often deadly disease. He was asked if the news of his father affected any of his mound preparations. Here's what he had to say...

“It hasn’t,” Lester said when asked if his father’s condition had weighed on him. “I’ve always been out in the open. I just haven’t told you (media). I don’t want to get questions about that. I want to get asked questions about pitching, and focus on that. That’s something between my dad and me and my family.“

Peter here, and I have to think it must be a little tough for Jon to focus entirely on the task at hand, that task being to win a ballgame. But Oakland got their base hits, they scored their runs and they won the game, completing a three game sweep that nudged Boston firmly into second place. Here's what Lester had to say about his disappointing effort...

"All the positives we talked about before the season, it seemed I did the complete opposite,” Lester said. “All the things we’ve strived to better, and it seemed like I took a step back. It’s tough pitching out of jams every inning. I couldn’t get comfortable.”

Peter here, and don't worry, Jon. You'll get 'em next time. The team travelled due north to Seattle last night, and they'll be ready to face the Mariners for the next three nights. Seattle just finished a series in NYC that highlighted their starting pitching's weaknesses, so I have to hope that Boston should and will take advantage of that very fact. Here are the pitching matchups, with thanks to the Hartford Courant...

Bartolo Colon (1-0, 3.60 ERA) vs. Felix Hernandez (2-4, 3.34) tonight
Daisuke Matsuzaka (8-0, 2.40) vs. Miguel Batista (3-6, 6.47) Tuesday
Tim Wakefield (3-3, 5.19) vs. Erik Bedard (3-3, 4.70) Wednesday

Peter one more time here. I like tonight's matchup because I cannot wait to see how Colon looks, how his body and arm are building strength. I hope he'll be stretched so that he can throw 85-90 pitches. We shall see, won't we? But that's possible only if I can stay awake for the 10pm EDT first pitch time. If not, I leave the clock radio on "sleep," which allows the radio to turn itself off after a specified amount of time. I set it to 120 minutes if I can't keep my eyes open and "Plan B" goes into effect.

Before I forget, please click on the title of this post to be directed to the Boston Globe Red Sox dedicated homepage, and have a wonderful Memorial Day Monday. The weather here in north central Connecticut will be mostly sunny, with temperatures steadily climbing to the 80 degree mark. Not bad for grilling OR chilling. I prefer the former, and the cookout/BBQ we had here yesterday was just great. It was a beautifully warm afternoon by the time the food, all kinds of delicious food, were put on the grill and instantly and audibly there were loud sizzles to be heard. I know you know those kind of sizzles--they make one's mouth water with hungry anticipation, and yesterday, the waiting was worth it! I hope your Sunday was great, too. The only way it could have been better was if Boston had won its game.

Hey, I've got to scoot. I hope your Monday, a day of pleasure, not work or school, will be a great one, and I thank you for stopping by. I need each and every one of you, judging by my readership numbers this past weekend. But I'm sure that's true for so many bloggers, what with so many people flocking to the beaches. And speaking about flocking to the beaches, WATCH OUT! The water is still cold enough to lose feeling in your toes...55 degrees or so. I know...I tried it. But the sun is at its mid-summer strength...about the same UV level as it is in mid to late July. And that's just great!

Well, that's about it for me...I've rambled on a little too much. I'll just do a quick read through to check my spelling and post it for all to see. I wish the Sox news was a little better, but let's turn our eyes to Seattle and hope that Mr. Colon can spin a great one. Paps and Okie, if needed, are VERY rested! Bye bye for now, and click on the title of this post for more about that team we love to love. Do you have any comments about Jon Lester's post no-hitter performance? Why did the Sox lost three straight to those formally "wimpy" A's? I'll leave you with those thoughts, and as Gov. Ah-nold once said, "I'll be back!" SOON.


At 5/26/2008 11:13 AM, Blogger gingerly said...

Can't . . . take it . . . Aaaargh. Gasp. (Falls over).

At 5/26/2008 11:33 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Get up! Get up!! Today is another day. But boy, are you right! Happy holiday, Keith...Pete


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