Wednesday, June 25, 2008

19th Nervous Breakdown...Red Sox 5 D'backs 4

For the nineteenth time this season, the Boston Red Sox rallied in the late innings for a comeback victory. This time it was the eighth inning when the Sox bats did their magic, with a rocket double by the clutch Mike Lowell tying the score and a single by the captain, Jason Varitek, that brought in what would be the eventual winning run. Jason, who had been mired in a 1 for 29 slump, said this after the game...

"In the middle of it (the slump), I hit some balls hard and got on some 'Web Gems' and stuff," kidded Varitek. "I don't really know what triggers a good stretch. Like two days ago, I lined out twice on two different types of pitches. I struck out but I had a really good at-bat. "I haven't connected the way I would have liked so we're working on changes, mostly from the left side.
"It's really like being two different players. It really is. At times it means a lot more work and then at times I have to back off because my main responsibility is keeping us in the game defensively and handling this pitching staff."

Chris Smith came into the game in the seventh inning in relief of Masterson, who would have pitched well had it not been for a three run home run hit by Chad Tracy in the third. Smith earned the win, his first in the big leagues, and Papelbon garnered his 22nd save. Boston has one game left with Arizona and, after a day off tomorrow, play their last three interleague games with the Houston Astros. And then, thank goodness, it's back to the American League and a full-time DH in the lineup. It will be the over 40 year old Randy Johnson against the equally aged Timmy Wakefield at the Fens shortly after 7pm EDT.

In other news, David Ortiz is ready to swing the bat via tee ball, a sure sign of his progressing recovery. He'll be back for sure by the All Star Game, providing there are not any setbacks. My fingers are crossed, because JD Drew has cooled off considerably in the last few games. And Kevin Youkilis felt good enough to become a defensive replacement late in the game, wearing protective safety glasses, which the team had to scramble to find. Maybe they can locate a clear pair in time for the game tonight. He looks like he was beaten up, but thank goodness, his vision was not affected. PHEW!!

Have a wonderful Hump Day Wednesday as another week wings by at supersonic speed. Click on the title for more coverage of last night's finally thrilling victory, and as always and forever, BE WELL.


At 6/25/2008 11:24 AM, Blogger gingerly said...

Doesn't it seem like Masterson simply has to learn to pause before each pitch? Buchholz was like that too. Just pitching fast, one after another, when he'd lost control. Seems to me you have to stop, when it's going like that, and get your bearings.

(As for Buchholz, I always think, "this boy needs two cups less coffee" when he's on the mound. Not that way for Masterson (he doesn't seem nearly hysterical, which is how B can look at times), but he just needs to p-a-u-s-e and take stock when this happens.)

I'm babbling again. Here's hoping Wakefield has a magic night (as he can, on occasion).

At 6/25/2008 12:26 PM, Blogger Matt said...

It is great to watch teams in the NL try to hit Wake without seeing him before. Should be a good night for the Sox.

At 6/25/2008 12:52 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Keith, he's young, and he DID settle down for his last three innings.

FW, I sure hope'd be nice to take a series on this homestand.

Check out my latest post about a new Sox mystery book. Thanks, guys.


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