Saturday, June 14, 2008

Harang, Reds Defeat The Red Sox 3-1 in Cincy

The Cincinnati Red's Aaron Harang found his rythym after a few bad starts and held the Boston Red Sox to five hits and one run in a 3-1 victory. Boston had not been to Cincinnati since the 1975 World Series. The last Sox pitcher to win a game there was none other than Luis Tiant, or Looo-ie, as he was affectionately called. Justin Masterson pitched well enough to win but he could not match Harang's outing. He had this to say after the game's conclusion...

“You always want to be perfect when you go out in front of your friends and family, but Aaron Harang was really good today.
“That was probably the best I’ve felt. The ball was sinking really good. For the most part, my slider was moving. I hung a few pitches.”

Manny Ramirez, who was playing leftfield, had to leave the game in the seventh inning when his hamstring tightened up, and he will probably get the day off today. That leaves the Sox without their two most feared hitters, Manny and Papi, for this afternoon's game, which starts at 3:55 pm EDT. But if they can, they'll find a way to win, or at least score more than one run! Here's what Tito Francona had to say about Manny...

"He said he was really feeling it, so we took him out," Boston manager Terry Francona said. "We'll wait until he's better than to try to run him out there."

Peter here. I'm sure Sir Manny will be available for a pinch hitting at bat, but if the Sox are ahead comfortably, so much the better. I was unable to watch the game on NESN and that's the reason for the brevity of this post. My apologies for that, but I can't read a newspaper report on a game and then write about it. I need to view at least 5 innings just to get that "feeling."

Click on this post's title to be linked to the Boston Herald's Red Sox homepage, and have a wonderful Saturday and a great Father's Day Sunday. Congratulations to all the Dad's out there, and that goes for you grandfathers, too! Unfortunately (or fortunately-I'm not sure), I don't fit in either category. As always, BE WELL, and I'd love to read and reply to your comments. Thanks.


At 6/14/2008 5:03 PM, Blogger wicked pissa dude said...

Peter, great post. I hear you on not being able to write about a game from just reading an article, you definately have to watch the game to get a vibe. That's why I'll be glued to my set tomorrow night at 9!! GO CELTS!! GO SOX!!!

At 6/14/2008 5:55 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

3-2 Sox into the 8th...and yes, I'll be watching that green team! And all those faces of the LA fans who know their team has to take 3 straight!


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