Saturday, June 07, 2008


2-0 Boston after two...Manny's second inning two run home run is the difference. Manny, nice to have you back! Tim Wakefield looks like he has it going after two and a half...still 2-0. And in the top of the third, it's 2-2. I'm on way out, so I will say these two words...GO SOX! Over and out...for now. Enjoy your Saturday. The temperature shot up 22 degrees in less than an hour, WITH humidity. Ouch!

After 7 great innings from Timmy...6-2 Red Sox. He's thrown more than 106 pitches, so it will be Hansen (?) for the 8th, and then...then is NOW...on to the 8th, and Craig Hansen is pitching for that team for Boston. SHOW THEM THAT SLIDER!!! Back soon...bad start...lead-off single for Mariners..ground ball..Ichiro erased at out...count 2-0...2-1...broken bat pop to Cora..2 outs...still 6-2 Sox. YES...6-2 BOSTON after 7 1/2...who will pitch the top of the ninth...I'll let you know...I think Hansen, with a 4 run lead, should come out to try and get the last three. To be continued...the new pitcher for the eventual (?) losing team is Lowe, as the crowd chants "BEAT LA." Basketball,'s all the same for the greatest fans in the world. BOSTON FANS!

OK...Paps warming...not a save opportunity, but a possible win nevertheless. The bottom of the eighth is still going on! WOW!
BASE HIT BY JD yet again...7-2 good guys...boy, is he HOT!! Manny up...and he walks..bases loaded for the Sox...only one out...Ellsbury runs for Manny. Still 7-2 with Lowell striding to the! Still three outs to go in the ninth, but now, we're looking good.
2-1..sacks loaded...base hit..2 runs score!!!!!!!! 2 run double..9-2!!!! FANTASTIC..stay tuned.

And now, with the score clearly with the SOX, it's time to root for BIG BROWN to win the Triple Crown...and it did not happen. Thank goodness he or any horse was not hurt. Paps is in control. His team (our team) is ahead 11-2. I wish you a great Saturday night, and thank you, thank you very much.


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