Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Philly Beats Colon, Red Sox...DVD Winners Update...Philadephia 8 Boston 2

Things didn't work out that well Monday night in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, as the home team beat the world champs 8-2. Home runs by Dustin Pedroia and JD Drew were how the two Sox runs scored, and boy, is JD swinging the bat well! Hey Mr. Drew, keep it up, maybe through the end of October. Please?

Things didn't go so well for Sox starter Bartolo Colon, who had his first really bad start of this season. But Philly can hit the heck out of the ball, and when Colon tried to do the same exact thing, his helmet flew off and he hurt his back by flailing wildly at a pitch. I hope he will not miss a start and I cannot wait to be back at Fenway after the Thursday off day.

To the two very special DVD winners, my apologies. The sets went out, mailed from the main Hartford post office to speed delivery times, but I wasn't able to do it until this early morning. One padded envelope is on its way to Farmington and one is winging its way to our neighbor, Canada. So many things happened to me all at once, most of them good but a couple not so good, that I simply have not been able to get them in the mail until today. For that I am deeply sorry, but I know the sheer enjoyment of the DVD sets will gladden your hearts and make you smile. So have fun, and remember, the precious "DVD extras" are on disc number six. That's not specified at all on the cover artwork, so now you know. Again, I'm sorry for the delay.

Click on this post's title to be linked to the Boston Globe homepage as today we turn to the arm of Jon Lester to make this losing "streak" a one game affair. As always, please BE WELL. I wish I had more time to write a better and more humorous post, but I'm in between appointments. I dashed home to write this one with car and house keys in my pocket, so my departure could be sooner rather than later! Love ya all!! I really do.


At 6/17/2008 12:14 PM, Blogger Rooster said...

Hope things are well Peter. I thought the Phillies would give us trouble, and they sure are. No DH for us, Youk out, and they were just crushing the ball.

Hopefully lefty Jon Lester can tame Ryan Howard tonight. And can you believe Moyer is still pitching! Impressive!

At 6/17/2008 1:11 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Everything is great, Rooster. And against the NL, our team has been, so far...dot dot dot, so great. Faith. As always.

Thanks for your comment. Let's go Jon...he's been so clutch. Pete

At 6/18/2008 5:34 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Lester was supurb, as you know by now, Rooster.


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