Sunday, July 27, 2008

Manny Ramirez Speaks, And HE IS READY TO GO!!! Thanks To The Globe's Amalie Benjamin...

Yes, THE Amalie, the bright smile on NESN telecasts who shines with her magic words in the Globe. Here's a conversation with Manny Ramirez and the media. Enjoy the game tonight...
"After telling ESPNdeportes today that he would not block a trade if the Red Sox could find a trading partner, Manny Ramirez expanded on that in his first comments since the situation with him and the team reached a head this weekend.
In a session that lasted just fewer than two minutes with assembled reporters in the Red Sox clubhouse, Ramirez confirmed that statement.

"What I said was if the Red Sox they think they could find a trade that's going to make the team better and both sides are going to be happy, I'm going to agree," he said. "But if they cannot find a trade... It's something simple. It's no big deal. At the end of the season, all they've got to do is call my agent and say, 'Hey, we're not going to pick Manny's option for '09, he's going to become a free agent.' And that's it. I go my way, and you guys go your way, something simple."
Here is more of the Q&A with Manny:
Do you feel like they want you to go your separate ways?
"I don't know, that's my idea. That's it, something simple. I don't want to talk to them about contracts right now. So what? I know they got me, but enough is enough. I'm tired of them, they're tired of me. After 2008, just send me a letter or whatever. You don't even got to call my agent or whatever. 'Hey, thank you for everything. You're going to become a free agent. We're not going to pick up your option in '09.'"
Do you expect that to happen?
"That will happen. They're not stupid."
When they've talked to you, have they expressed their problem with you?
"Boston is not stupid. They're not going to do it. They can say whatever they want. But when it comes to make a deal, they're not going to pull the trigger, because they know what they've got here."
Are you happy here?
"I'm happy. But enough is enough.
When you say "enough is enough," what does that mean?
"That's it. You've got to ask Tito and John Henry, they know."
That's it! GO SOX!


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