Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red Sox Down, But Not Out...Until Now..

Not yet...Lester allowed 5 early runs, but Boston returned the favor by scoring 3. After 3 1/2...5-3 Jays. STILL in the 4th and Lester has thrown 71 pitches. OUCH! To be the end of 4, it's remains 5-3 of the 5th..bases loaded for the good guys... 2 outs...Lowrie at the plate...Boston leaves the bases full going into the bottom of the 5th. "DOC" has thrown 92 pitches. Anything can and WILL happen. Jon has settled down.

After 5 full, it's still 5-3! 100 pitches for "Doc" Halladay...more runs for the Sox to come (I hope). After 6, Lester looks sharp...still 5-3.

Toronto's 'pen enters in the top of the 7th. Pedey up...grounder for the second out...Papi at the plate, with the shift...and after 6 1/2, it's still 5-3. Comeback hats needed, NOW. After 7, still 5-3...Lester looks great, but Boston needs 3 runs.

Top of the 8th..Lester has finished his day...he was great in his final 4...BRB after lunch and a special salad dressing, too!

SOX LOSE, but it's OK. See you first thing in the morning. Have a GREAT Saturday night.


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