Monday, September 01, 2008

Ya Can't Win 'Em All...Chicago White Sox 4 Boston Red Sox 2

Sunday in Boston's Fenway Park was beautiful, at least weather-wise. But the Red Sox could not complete the sweep of the Chicago White Sox. They were on the short end of a 4-2 score. Good pitching beat good hitting once again, as Jays pitcher Gavin Floyd survived a terrible first inning (in terms of pitch count and runners allowed on base, not runs scored) but seemed to get stronger as the innings rolled by. Here's what Tito Francona had to say...

"We really worked Floyd in the first inning. Then he got comfortable and started throwing that breaking ball. He could throw it at the hitter, he could throw it away, and he could throw it for strikes. We couldn't break through."

Peter here, and no, the Red Sox just couldn't get that BIG hit. They left 11 men on base, and that might be the most telling stat of all. Boston had a total of 8 hits, but none of them were clutch hits, hits that score a run or three. Timmy Wakefield had a good outing, going six innings and giving up six hits and three runs, but those runs stood up for the visiting team. Here's what his catcher had to say after the game...

"Wakefield was much better today than in New York. There were a lot of swings and misses," said catcher Kevin Cash. "Only one guy beat us, and I'd say that Jim Thome's had a pretty decent career."

But the Red Sox took another three game series two games to one, and if they continue to win three game series, the playoffs shouldn't be far behind. The Minnesota Twins defeated the hapless and hopeless Oakland A's, however, so the wild card lead is down to three games. Speaking of hopeless (almost), the NY Yankees lost again to the Toronto Blue Jays and their ace, Roy Halladay, who's one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. Bar none.

And now it's the Baltimore Orioles' turn to come into Fenway Park. Here are the pitching matchups for the three game set...

Garret Olsen (8-6, 6.38 ERA) vs. Paul Byrd (9-11, 4.55) tonight
Radhames Liz (5-3, 6.95) vs. Jon Lester (12-5, 3.41) Tuesday
Jeremy Guthrie (10-11, 3.57) vs. Daisuke Matsuzaka (16-2, 2.82) Wednesday

Gee, you'd think there would be day baseball on a Labor Day Monday, but I guess not. The game will start at the normal 7:05pm EDT Fenway time. Let's hope for another series win...two of three ain't bad. Click on the title of this post for more on yesterday's Red Sox loss and have a healthy and wonderful Labor Day. Family, friends and fun...maybe a cookout? What could be better? And here in the Northeast, the weather will cooperate with all your outdoor plans. Thanks for stopping in yet again. I appreciate that so very much. As always, BE WELL.


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