Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hello to you. I'll explain the title...before you enter the straight road west into the desert of the USA, there's a gas station...after that, it will be many, many miles before you'll see another. That's why it would be your last chance to fill up with now overpriced gallons. I hope the Red Sox are not on that road. By the way, that was a Rickie Lee Jones song from the 80's. Hauntingly beautiful. Please click on the title, turn on your sound, click the "watch in high quality " button, and enjoy. She was one of my favorite singer/songwriters back then...she has such a way with words. And this song brings back too many memories. Great audio and video quality, too. Are the Sox on that road, seeing that last chance Texaco station go by with 400 miles of barren, dry desert ahead, half a tank of gas and the radiator running near empty ? I hope not. CLICK AWAY...sound on. Thanks.



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