Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Night At The Library...SUCH A Good Time! World Series Game Five Put On Hold For Another Day...Great Job So Far, Bud

I spent a wonderful hour Tuesday night at the West Hartford Public Library. It's in West Hartford Center, West Hartford, Connecticut, smack dab (did I just type that?) in the middle of Blue Back Square, which is a two block wide collection of restaurants, stores, movie theaters and restaurants (didn't I just say that?). The authors of the new and thrilling mystery novel, DIRTY WATER : A RED SOX MYSTERY, Mary Ann Tirone Smith and Jere Smith (A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory...on my link list, near the top) held a book signing/reading/get together and the place was filled to the gills, stacked to the max, SRO only. Mary Ann and Jere, who I actually met for the first time (seems like I've known Jere for a long time), were gracious enough to sign everyone's book...some people bought multiple copies. I had a tremendous time. Thank you Mary Ann and Jere. Please click on the title of this post to be instantly transported to the Amazon dot com DIRTY WATER page. The book will make an excellent present for anyone you know...I've read it, so I'm sure of that! CLICK AWAY.

In other news, World Series game five will be resumed in the sixth inning tonight at 8:35pm EDT. Wow, it should take less than half an hour to finish...I wonder why it isn't starting later for the benefit of west coast viewers. After all, the ratings are the most important thing, aren't they, FOX brass? Of course they are. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Money, money and MORE money.

My thanks again to Mary Ann and Jere, and please click on the title for all you need to know about DIRTY WATER : A RED SOX MYSTERY. The book will make a great early Christmas present, or an everyday "Here, Honey...I love you" present. As I said in my last post, "a good time is guaranteed for all." Title click away...hi ho Silver, AWAY!! As always, be well.


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