Sunday, November 02, 2008

Arizona Fall League Buchholz Report And More About The Red Sox And Election Day

Of the seven Red Sox prospects playing in the Arizona Fall League, Clay Buchholz has garnered the most attention. This analysis is from a veteran baseball scout from another team. Here you go...

“I think he’s gained some of his swagger back. He lost some confidence during the year, but his velocity was back. He was throwing 91-95, and was free and easy. He had a dominant curveball and a plus change. He didn’t need his slider. He looked focused on the mound. It looked to me like his arm slot was the same as it used to be, with a high three-quarters release, which adds to the depth of his breaking ball. This guy has three plus pitches and should be a front-of-the-rotation starter. His ceiling is very high."

Peter here on this next to last day before we all vote, hopefully for Obama. I mean, Palin, one heartbeat away from being commander in chief? Utter foolishness and nonsense not to mention a glimpse into Senator McCain's decision-making process. Remember, he's 72 years old with a history of cancer. Can we afford a winking President of the United States, man OR woman, with the lack of experience that Governor Palin posesses? The answer is a resounding and thumping NO, and when McCain picked her as his running mate, he doomed himself. He's a good man and a hero to his country who no longer "has it." But I went off on a tangent. It's early...I didn't need the extra hour's sleep. With the signing of Wakefield for one more year, the Red Sox rotation consists of Josh Beckett, who I hope can regain his health and his 2007 form, Jon Lester, who was unbelievable in all of 2008 and Daisuke Matsuzaka, who proved last year that plenty of run support with the added Houdini-like ability of putting yourself in a big jam and wriggling out of it can earn you many victories (the most on the team). That's a great four man starting rotation. Add Clay Buchholz and Boston would have five viable starting pitchers. Another one would be nice. We all know can never have enough starting pitching. But the Red Sox will improve not only their pitching but their batting prowess, too. Mark Teixeira looms large on the Fenway horizon. The price will be high but the Boston wallets are endlessley deep. The guy can hit from both sides of the plate with power while fielding a great first base. Youk, of course, would move over to third, Pedey will be Pedey at second and shortstop will be manned by Lowrie or Lugo (I doubt Julio will be with the team but his price tag for other teams is so high, ya never know). Boston MUST retain Alex Cora, our super infield sub. We'll see. But an "new and improved" Clay Buchholz would be a major step in the Red Sox team improvements to come.

Have a great Sunday, don't forget to vote, remember there is an Election Day Monday night SNL special coming up on NBC, and as always, BE WELL. You can click on the title of this post for more Soxiness. Thanks.


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