Thursday, November 13, 2008

Joe Maddon Is King Of The AL Hill

The voting results for the American League manager of the year award have been released and Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon has won it with 27 of 28 votes, one short of unanimous. I guess there's always one idiot out there. He said this when informed of the honor...

“To me, it means we did a pretty good job, obviously,” said Maddon, who spoke to reporters via a teleconference from Rome, where he is on his honeymoon. “To accomplish all that we did this year, for me, personally, this caps it all off. But none would be possible without the group of players we have. As far as I’m concerned, the award is a wonderful thing. But believe me, it’s not going to change me. I know that I have to continue to get better. But it’s an indication that we had a really good season.”

Peter here, and the right guy won. Last place to the World Series is quite the accomplishment. Boston Red Sox skipper Terry "Tito" Francona finished fourth in the voting but he's number one in our hearts. He's done just about everything, and done it well.

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