Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MOOSE Mussina Retiring...Teixeira Rumors

Yes, that's right. From Fox Sports dot com, just now...

"Yankees right-hander Mike Mussina is retiring. Mussina will make his decision official later this week, major-league sources say. The Yankees, who are aggressively pursuing free-agent starting pitchers, were not expecting Mussina to return. Mussina, who turns 40 on Dec. 8, is coming off the first 20-win season of his 18-year career. He is selling his home in Bedford, N.Y., according to one source, and planning to spend more time with his family in Montoursville, Pa."

Wow...there's always something going on in this baseball world of ours, and this should accelerate the pinstriper's quest for pitching. Good luck to the Moose.

This is from Globe...

"Here's a prediction: By the time this is over, win or lose, the Red Sox effectively will have made Mark Teixeira the largest contract offer in the history of your storied franchise.
Preposterous, you say? Clearly, you have not been paying attention. Since the Red Sox changed ownership, management, and philosophies early in 2002, the new owners and operators of the Red Sox have stopped at virtually nothing to acquire those things they have coveted most. When the best of the rest were bidding $35 million-$40 million to acquire the rights to Daisuke Matsuzaka, the Red Sox bid $51.11 million. When the rest of the world wondered why J.D. Drew opted out of his contract in Los Angeles, the Red Sox dropped $70 million in Drew's lap. And knowing what we know now, nothing might have been more aggressive than the $36 million the Sox paid for Julio Lugo.
The point is this:
When the Sox want something enough, they make sure they get it."

Peter here...I certainly hope so. Leave it to Beaver...oops, I meant Theo. Have a great night.


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