Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Sox Were Ready To Suspend Manny Ramirez

Good morning once again, this time on a Monday. I came across a small article in the Monday Boston Globe that confirmed all of our suspicions about one Manny Ramirez. Read this and then I'll be back with a few somethings to say about the slugging free agent leftfielder...

"Several baseball sources told ESPN's Pedro Gomez today that Red Sox management delivered an official letter of suspension to Manny Ramirez at 11 p.m. on Fri., July 25, shortly after Ramirez sat out his second straight game with the club. The letter informed the slugger that the suspension was to go into effect on Sat., July 26, and stated the reason for the suspension was Ramirez's unwillingness to play, according to the report. Ramirez cited a knee injury as his reason for missing the two games, but MRIs on both of his knees failed to find physical damage."

Peter here. When Manny took some "time off' from the team a couple Septembers ago, I had the nerve to say he was dogging it, that he "quit" on his team. Many other bloggers, one in particular who shall remain nameless (his blog has ceased, anyways) actually was convinced that I had something against Manny, one of his reasons being that the best hitter ever to play for Boston would never do such a thing. Well, the yokes on you. I was right all along. Manny, when he faked his knee injury(s) before a crucial series, was undone by MRIs on BOTH knees. MRIs tell alI...I know from personal experience. If Manny thought he could put one over on his team, he was sadly mistaken. Foolishly mistaken. STUPIDLY mistaken. He showed his true colors, and they weren't Red Sox red, that's for sure. Good luck goes out to any team that spends the big bucks for him this offseason. They'll need it when (not if) he starts to pout.

It seems that the path to landing free agent Mark Teixeira is a little less cluttered for Boston. The Yankees have made a mammoth offer for the services of CC Sabathia and will be offering Derek Lowe and AJ Burnett, all pitchers, more big Steinbrenner bucks. They've signed first baseman/outfielder Nick Swisher, so it appears that even though they have openings in the outfield, from now on pitching will be their main focus. It is said that Teixeira wants to go to a constant contender. I couldn't think of a better such contender than the Red Sox. Of course, as I've said in past posts, that will cause Tito Francona to move Youk over to third, where he's quite proficient, and force the club to jettison Mikey Lowell, who many teams will be interested in. With good reason. I doubt there are few, if any, teams that could match the offer the Sox will be giving Teixeira and his agent, Scott Boras(s), so Boston's path to Tex is that much more of a smooth and level one. But it's early...anything can and usually does happen.

Well, that's another snippet of the developing free agent sweepstakes. More to come, here and when you title click. Thanks for stopping in and your comments, few as they have been, are always welcome. Do you think the Red Sox should acquire Mark Teixeira? I think it's a no-brainer. His bat in the lineup will make up for the lost Manny numbers but not the missing "Manny being Manny" mayhem and foolishness. That's something we can all do without. FOREVER. As always, BE WELL.


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