Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Words...

Big Papi David Ortiz, while promoting his golf tournament in the Dominican Republic, told reporters that his wrist is feeling much better. That's good news for every Boston Red Sox fan. He also stressed that the Sox need to add a "30 home run guy." Do you think he was alluding to Mark Teixeira? I do. He's such an ideal fit for this team, it's scary. Papi also mentioned that the Yankees will upgrade their underacheiving team in any way possible, regardless of the cost. A bidding war on multiple fronts is very possible starting Friday, November 14th, the first day free agents can be signed. I hope the Sox pull out all the stops and sign Teixeira to a long term deal. He's young (29 in April), he's a gifted switch hitter and a gold glove first baseman. Need I say more? Thought so.

Meanwhile, in the big bad Bronx, there are founded rumors that the pinstriped Yankees will pursue CC Sabathia to the ends of the earth. They are still waiting for Moose Mussina's retirement decision, but either way, they want to see Sabathia in a Yankee uniform. Who can blame 'em? Let them spend tens of millions on the portly pitcher, I'll take the 30 home run guy. Boston will also add a starter, a catcher and shore up the 'pen...they have to. Case closed...get the logs out and let the fun begin.

That's it from me...for now. Have a great Hump Day Wednesday, title click for more Boston Red Sox comings and goings and as always, BE WELL. I'll let you know what the doctor said about my left shoulder in my next post. Hint: "Massive" (his word) rotator cuff and tendon tear injury, non-repairable by surgery. I guess I spilled the beans, didn't I? No matter what, I'll be here every day...for you.


At 11/12/2008 8:54 AM, Blogger Itsanewday said...

Shoring up the pen is an every-year event.

Sabathia may or may not end up in pinstripes. If he's interested in a WS title, he'll go elsewhere, because I can't see the Yankees being really competitive for a couple more years.

Teixeira would be a great pickup, but where do you play him?

At 11/12/2008 11:30 AM, Blogger Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

When people say the Sox need to add a "30 home run guy", do they mean in addition to Jason Bay?

If you're saying Lowell and Tek should be jettisoned, that happening will be a sad event. What young pitcher do you give up for a Ranger catcher?

No surgery, that's good, I think. What's the alternative?

At 11/12/2008 3:34 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

I can answer both your questions. Mark Teixeira is a perfect fit...great power from both sides of the plate and a gold glove defense. He will be THE CATCH in the 2008 free agent market, and the Sox need him. Badly. He will play first, Youk will move over to the other side of the diamond, and sadly, Mike Lowell will be made available in the trade talks to come. That's what's best for the team. Landing Tex will not be inexpensive, but he is someone you open multiple wallets for (except mine). That's the way it will happen, unless the Yanks break their bank accounts. Getting Sabathia will not be cheap by any means, and it seems they will lean his way. Good...the better for Boston.

BFW, I never said to rid us of 'Tek...he should be resigned to a 2 year deal...with another catcher to help him with the catching load. He will STILL be in the clubhouse to go over the opposinjg pitchers likes and dislikes with the Sox pitcher of the day...that is his forte. His genius.

The alternative to surgery, BFW, and thank you SO much for asking, sucks, but I'll get through this part of my life. Physical therapy exercise every day will slooowwwwlllly help me. I'm not a happy person right now, but I'll make it!

Thanks, guys. You're the best!!!!


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