Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Game Of Teixeira Hold 'Em...No Limit. Bluffing Welcome And Advised

Much like a game of Texas Hold 'Em, the ultimate poker game where bluffing is a necessity and good cards are SO nice, the back and forth between agent Scott Boras(s) and Red Sox owner John Henry continues. Yogi was SO right when he said "it aint over 'till it's over." WELL, THIS ONE AIN'T OVER, not by a long shot

Jon Heyman of SI dot com wrote that Boston hasn't "given up" and that "they're taking a break from the bidding." Here's more...

"Though Boston's chances to land the multitalented free-agent slugger may have diminished slightly after the sides failed to make progress in their high-powered Texas meeting Thursday night, few baseball people believe the Red Sox are completely out of the picture. At least a half-dozen baseball executives with some knowledge of the process suggested to that the Red Sox remain interested in Teixeira and are merely intent on sticking to their last proposal (which one source pegged at close to but probably not more than $180 million for eight years). Several of these baseball executives suggested Henry and Epstein could merely be engaging in a game of poker with Boras, and all said they believed the Red Sox still would like to land Teixeira, the biggest free-agent prize among everyday players. And some still believe the Sox are the frontrunners to land the coveted power-hitting first baseman."

Peter here. I knew something was fishy when John Henry meekly bowed out of the process. He's not that type of man. George King of the NY Post wrote that the pinstriped ones are not involved. Read this...

"The Red Sox say they got outbid for free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira. Though Boston didn't talk about which teams offered more for the switch-hitting Teixeira, it wasn't the Yankees," King writes. " 'Not us,' Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told The Post late last night."

Peter here. First of all, only believe 30% of what the baseball people say when this type of potential deal is in the works. Here's what I believe, but I can't tell you why. Why's that? Because I don't know! I think John Henry has an agenda, a plan of action. Mark Teixeira would be such a PERFECT fit for the Red Sox and an eight year deal for mega bucks is perfectly fine with me. After all, he's just 28 and entering his supreme prime. Some wonder that in the last two years of his deal, when he will be 35 or 36, will he be worth the $23 million PER YEAR at that "advanced" age? I say yes, and by that time other players will be making similiar dollars. To put it bluntly, if Boston could land the gold glove first baseman, their offensive lineup would again be one of the most feared in all of baseball. Coupled with their starting rotation and the multi-armed back end of their bullpen, the baseball world would be their oyster. I'm all in.

Thanks for stopping in on this frigidly white Saturday. We ended up with a solid ten inches of snow on Friday with another eight inches expected for Sunday. When it snows, it pours, I guess! Click on this post's title for more on the Teixeira mind games and as always, BE WELL. Sayanara. Go all in, John Henry.


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