Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hall Of Fame Nominations Are Coming Up...Will Jim Ed Make It? Tazawa Signs...Arbitration Offerings

On January 12th, Major League Baseball will announce it's 2009 Hall of Fame inductees. It's the last chance for Jim Ed Rice on the regular Hall of Fame ballot. In 2008 he garnered 72.5 % in balloting. 75% is the needed mark for induction. But listen to this...Jim Ed was the 21st player to reach the more-than-70%, less-than-75% level, and each of the earlier players were inducted in their next year of eligibility (thank you Boston Globe). So history is on Jim Ed's side. WE ARE, TOO! And Mo Vaughn will be on the ballot for the first time, but the eyes of Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International will be watching the status of number 14, leftfielder and slugger for so many great Boston teams. He deserves to be there, he should be there and he WILL be in the Hall of Fame. That's my prediction. Again, the 2009 Hall of Fame inductees will be announced on January 12th. GOOD LUCK JIM ED. We love ya!

In other Red Sox news, the young Japanese righthander Junichi Tazawa has made it official by signing a three year three million dollar contract. Hopefully in a year or so he'll be playing for the big club. Right now, he's not ready. But he will be, that I know. One thing that the numerous Japanese players have to get used to in the USA brand of baseball is the size and stitching of the leather covered round ball. Believe it or not, there IS a difference between the Japanese baseballs and those of MLB. Okie and Daisuke have made the transition...Junichi will too.

Sox players offered arbitration are few and two...Jason Varitek and Paul Byrd (why?). I don't think Byrd has anything to offer Boston's 2009 team but 'Tek...that's another story! I want him on the team. If his agent Scott Boras continues to insist on a long term deal, there might be very few interested teams...but a 2 year deal for modest to upper modest bucks would be great. Who knows? Jason might turn it all around at the plate and bat a healthy .280. So I ask the Sox powers-that-be this...SIGN HIM! Short but sweet. Period.

That's a wrap for this Tuesday, December 2nd. You can title click for all the arbitration details and a lot more Soxiness from the Boston Globe Red Sox homepage. Your comments are always welcome, too. As always, BE WELL. Shalom.


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