Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mark, Where??

Hello on this rapidly clouding Thursday late afternoon in north central Connecticut. I came across an article written by Richard Justice on sporting news dot's a little bit of it. I enjoyed reading his words SO much. The subject matter is Mark Teixeira. The question is...where will he go?

"West Coast or East Coast? Some of those close to him believe Teixeira prefers the East Coast. But he was a perfect fit in Anaheim. He might have had his eyes opened to the good life that is Southern California. He saw the huge crowds the Angels draw, experienced the solid clubhouse chemistry and got to play for one of the game's great managers, Mike Scioscia. If there is a difference between the two finalists, it could be that baseball in Boston simply is different.

Terry Francona is also a players' manager, and the Red Sox are contenders. If Teixeira wants to play in an intense, every-game-matters atmosphere, he'll sign on with the Red Sox. At the moment, Boston is the best place on Earth to play baseball.
Yes, the Boston media coverage is intense. Yes, the fans sometimes care too much. That's the beauty of the thing. Teixeira played in Texas and Atlanta, where baseball really matters only until football season starts. He already knows he can have a happy career in Anaheim.

If Teixeira wants to be part of something special, he should sign with the Red Sox. Never mind a couple of extra years. He can name his price. Eight years at $165 million? Done, Mark. What jersey number would you like? See you in Fort Myers."

Peter here. Mr. Justice is correct...where else is there? See ya in the morning. The entire article is linked when you click on this post's title.


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