Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sabathia Bronxbound...Boston Makes 'Tek An Offer...The Latest On Teixeira

Where to begin on this colder Thursday morning? I guess I'll start with the Yankees' agreement with ace pitcher CC Sabathia. The New York Yankees, yes, those guys in pinstripes who were woeful last year, have reportedly made Sabathia a seven year contract offer for a whopping $161 million. In my view, the Yanks desperately need the guy but CC will not be able to do anything more than try to match Mussina's 20 victories. But they went after their guy and they got him. Sabathia will be flying west to JFK airport for his physical sometime this week. Cashman could not say anything specific, but here is part of what he did say...

"There’s a lot of layers in the process. Until that process is completed I'm kind of prevented from saying too much," Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told the AP. "Legally I've got to protect myself. And, you know, you're never done until you're done, and so, we're not done."

Next up is the news that the Red Sox have indeed been in touch with catcher Jason Varitek and his agent, Scott Boras(s). Here is what Boras(s) and Theo Epstein had to say, rather cryptically...

“Jason Varitek is a guy teams know what his value is,” said Boras. “Certainly Boston has let us know they want him back, and we have talked to Boston.”

“We’re in contact with Scott about Jason. That’s accurate,” said Epstein.

Last up is the quest for the best guy out there, Mark Teixeira. It is believed that there are four teams actively pursuing him. Two have made offers, both located near his home in Maryland. The Washington Nationals offered the first baseman an eight year deal for $180 million dollars (yes, you read that correctly). The Baltimore Orioles coughed up a seven year deal worth $150 million. Most importantly, remember this...Teixeira wants to go to a winner. That leaves both of those teams out of the running if Mark is sincere in his stated wishes. So let's see, that leaves the California Anaheim LA Angels and another team from the eastern part of the States, the Boston Red Sox. Neither club has made an offer, at least an offer that was publically announced. Here's my take on this four team battle. First of all, it's a two team battle if Teixeira's wishes to go to a winner are accurate. Angels or Sox? Sox or Angels? I think (sometimes I get these kind of guesses right) that Boston will land their guy. He wants to go to a winning ballclub not far from his home. LA could not be any farther from his home...Boston is less than a one hour plane ride. Boston will put a dent in John Henry's seemingly bottomless wallet to land him, AND THEY WILL. The down side of all of this is that the Sox would have to trade one of our heros, Mike Lowell. Unfortunately, that would be what's best for the club. Maybe they'll package him with the now useless and injury prone Lugo, while having to eat a portion of his salary, to land another player. It all depends on the final outcome of the Teixeira dealings. Theo knows best, I don't.

Phew, I think I'm finished. For now. You can click on the title of this post for more of the wrap up of the winter meetings, and as always, be well. My thanks go out to those of you who sent me birthday wishes...the years are going by too fast for me! Any comments will be read and answered, and as always, BE WELL. SHALOM, peace, and happiness forever.


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