Sunday, December 21, 2008

Teixeira On My Mind...Still!

Good morning on this still snowless (not for long) Sunday morning. Let me get right to business, Mark Teixeira business. The following blurb is from Chad Finn's TOUCHING ALL THE BASES, right out of today's Boston Globe. If you have the time, read this and then I'll be back with my thoughts. I always have more than a few, as you probably know by now. Here you go...

"So for the $180-million question . . . where does Teixeira end up once Boras stops playing his reindeer games and ends the charade? Despite Brian Cashman's "dude, it ain't us" denial this morning when asked if the Yankees had outbid the Sox, I still refuse to believe that they have no interest -- they need him more than the Red Sox do, and with their resources, they can make it happen with one call to Boras. Maybe I should put it another way: If they honestly aren't going to leap in with a monster offer for Teixeira, then their management team is less devious and much stupider than I've long believed. That said . . . there are too many people with more insight and knowledge than the doofus you're reading right now who believe that Teixeira will eventually end up with the Sox. I do agree that John Henry's missive last night was just a negotiating ploy, and a savvy one at that. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm coming around to that optimistic way of thinking, but given the bizarre and excruciating way this whole situation has dragged out, I'm not officially going to believe Mark Teixeira will be a member of the Boston Red Sox until Big Papi has him in one of his "welcome to the club, Bro" bear hugs during the first day of camp in Ft. Myers. And not a day sooner."

Peter here...I like the way Chad writes and portrays himself. He kind of reminds me of me. WAIT, that's a scary thought! Seriously (I WAS being serious before), I have faith that John Henry and company know just what a perfect fit Mark could and will be, for so many glorious All Star years. The guy has played an average of 160 games each season and he's a better defensive first baseman than our Kevin Youkilis. Wow...Youk is SO good at first. And, just as important when playing in Fenway Park, he's a bona fide switch hitter, great from both sides of the plate. I know Theo and John Henry realize he is the ultimate fit for Boston. I hope they can pull it off. Faith.

Have a safe and sound Sunday filled with happiness and if you're on the road, the rails or in the air, be safe. You can click on the title of this post for more on the Red Sox...if any news breaks, I'll have it up in a post in a New York minute. Well, in a BOSTON minute! As always, BE WELL. Shalom. L'Chaim (to life).


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At 12/22/2008 5:46 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Gracias. Thank you. Shalom!
Mike, have yourself a very Merry Christmas. May your days be happy and healthy.


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