Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Toe To Toe? Not This Time...

The Yankees and the Red Sox are bitter rivals DURING the season and throughout the off season. We all know that. But the battle for slugger Mark Teixeira is one that the Yankees will not have an influence on. They probably won't even be involved. Things could change, but I think they'd sooner go after Manny than spend $200 million on the first baseman. That would make their yearly payroll astronomically high. This is something I'm totally convinced about. When asked about the continuing back and forth, monkey see, monkey do relationship with NY, Theo Epstein had this to say about that mistaken notion...

“So why then would the first instinct of an observer be that, since the Yankees did something big that we have to do something big?” Epstein said. “I think the first reaction should be: O.K., the Yankees did something big to improve themselves. The Red Sox are probably going to continue to do what they have done. It’s been that way for a long time,” Epstein said. “We’ve done pretty well going toe to toe with them with a slightly different model.”

Peter here...the Red Sox will go to the ends of the earth to acquire the services of Mark Teixeira, not because the pinstriped ones spent the big bucks on two front line pitchers, but because it's what's best for the club itself. And that's the bottom line. Period. Scott Boras is waiting for the "ultimate" offer, and he WILL get it. The Angels might increase their generous offer a bit, but whatever they do, Boston will do better. And remember, the LA Angels are the competition in this case. We can beat 'em in the post season, we'll beat 'em in this one, too.

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