Thursday, January 01, 2009

Have A Happy & Healthy 2009

Yes, it's early Thursday morning, January 1, 2009. I actually typed 2008 by mistake before correcting it. I want to wish everyone the happiest and healthiest year of your collective lives. I missed the Times Square "ball-drop" celebration on television last night (sleep overtook me) but I did remember to set the DVR to record from 11:45 pm to 12:15 AM. I'm going to watch it after I write this post, my first of the year. If it was any earlier, it'd be yesterday! But I do want to thank my loyal Constant Readers for being here. You make me very happy.

In baseball news, the Boston Globe's Tony Massarotti wrote an update about what pitcher and ex-Red Sox Derek Lowe has been doing since the Mets made the durable free agent a modest offer. Here's a bit of it...

"According to a source familiar with the negotiations (with the NY Mets), Derek Lowe is likely to continue shopping for a more desirable offer after the New York Mets presented him with a three-year, $36 million offer on Tuesday. While some reports have placed Lowe's target in the range of five years and $90 million, a much more probable outcome is that Lowe ends up with a three- or four-year deal worth in the range of $14-$15 million annually."

Peter here...five years is a long time for a 35 year old hurler, but Derek has been very durable throughout his long career. The Red Sox and their rotation are all set, so it's a sure bet Lowe will not be wearing a Boston uniform. Wherever he goes, I wish him the best of luck. He was always one of the Red Sox "good guys."

That's a wrap for this early morning New Year's Day. Have a great long weekend and an even better 2009. Happiness and health to you...those are the two most important things. You can title click to be transported to the Boston Globe's Red Sox homepage. Buena suerte. BE WELL.


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