Thursday, January 29, 2009

Manny But No Varitek...

This, from Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, just came across the wires. No, there is NO word from Varitek or his agent Boras(s)...

"Thoughts of a season without Manny Ramirez have unsettled Larry Bowa.
Instead of looking forward to the start of spring training, baseball's most famous third base coach said he finds himself imagining what the Dodgers might look like this season if Ramirez isn't re-signed. There's still no sign of Manny Ramirez. It's not a pretty picture.
"Without Manny in the lineup I won't say we can't score runs, but we'll be like we were at the beginning of last year," said Bowa, who was Manager Joe Torre's right-hand man with the New York Yankees and first hire with the Dodgers. Manny is sort of that constant in that lineup, Bowa said."

Wow, what an imagination, Larry Bowa. Wait until Manny becomes MANNY, the real one...he's getting desperate, now. So is his agent. I'm awaiting any Jason Varitek sightings.


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