Friday, January 02, 2009

More Derek Lowe Rumblings...

Joe Puma, who writes for the New York Post, has reported that the NY Mets have offered righthander Derek Lowe a three year deal which would pay him $12 million per year. Not enough for Lowe or his agent Scott Boras(s)? Yep, that's right. A four year deal worth $15 million per would make them happy, so they turned their nose up at the Mets' numbers. Who else is in the hunt for Derek? Some say the Boston Red Sox are in the mix, even though they acquired Brad Penny. The Yankees might be, too. They are as unpredictable as the weather in New England. A Mets official said this when asked about the situation...

"We don't know with Boras," a Met official said yesterday when asked about possible competition for Lowe." It's hard to figure with Boras. He's always got these anonymous teams."

Peter here...the Phillies were said to be interested in Lowe but are balking when faced with the necessity of signing him for four years. Look for the Red Sox to enter into the mix, although I cannot imagine them signing Lowe to a contract of more than three years. To put it bluntly, THEY'LL NEVER DO IT! Are the Yankees one of those secret and anonymous teams that Boras(s) has been in contact with? Maybe yes, maybe no. That's a fairly safe guess. 100% safe. But the Yankees don't know if Andy Pettitte will return...their wallets might not be empty yet, either, believe it or not. The Sox wallets are stuffed with green, and I don't mean cabbage.

I hope every one of you had a safe and fun New Years Day. Welcome to 2009...what happened to 1999? It seems like it was just a couple of months ago. But, as the song goes, "...time waits for no man, and it won't wait for me. No, no, no." That was Jagger, Richards and the Stones a few years back.

Click on the title to be transfered to the New York Post's baseball homepage. A little change is good for everybody, once in a while. For the Derek Lowe story, just click on "Mets" near the top of the page. As always, BE WELL. Have a great 2009. Your comments are welcome, too. With Brad Penney as our number 4 starter, where would Lowe fit in? And yes, I'd rather see Penny or Lowe pitch instead of Wakefield, but that's just my personal opinion. I love Timmy, but Lowe was pitching so well for the Dodgers in '08. Not for four years, though. No way, no how. Oh well, that's a wrap. Thanks for being here once again.


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