Monday, January 26, 2009

Red Sox Are Waiting For A Varitek Decision, But They Won't Wait Long!

The Boston Red Sox are running out of patience, fast. In what has turned out to be a long free agent off season for them, Jason Varitek, guided like a puppet by his agent, Scott BorASS, has made the club he wants to play for wait and wait and wait. Well, that wait WILL NOT last long. It is believed that Boston has already offered 'Tek a one year contract worth between $3 and $5 million. He could have more than doubled his money by accepting arbitration, BUT NOOOO. I fervently hope that the Sox make a trade for one of the three young and talented catchers out there, either Saltalamacchia, Montero, or my favorite because he's the best of the three, Taylor Teagarden. Signing such a player would be a long-term solution to the team's most pressing problem, not a one year medicated Band-Aid...a catcher who can catch AND hit while thowing out runners trying to swipe a base. It's doable, Theo...JUST DO IT.

It's Monday once again, a 1 degree Monday morning. Have a great day and a terrific week. Other than the catcher situation, there isn't much Sox news. When there is, I'll be here. You can click on the title for the Red Sox SI homepage. From there you can take your pick of the numerous articles. I'll see you soon, and as always, BE WELL. L' life.


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