Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red Sox To Announce The John Smoltz Signing Today...He'll Be A Starter

The Boston Red Sox will announce today (Tuesday) their newest team member. He is starting pitcher John Smoltz. Yes, that's right, I typed "starter." When asked where he would end up, in the rotation or in the bullpen, he said this. From ESPN dot com...

"It's going to be as a starter," he said when asked how the Red Sox would use him. "They're going to make sure that I'm ready to not only pitch, but pitch strong down the stretch and into the playoffs because that's what I like to do.'

Peter here. We like it too, John, and it's good that Boston will not try to hurry his elbow operation recovery period and shove him into the fray. After all, they have five starters and two young guys waiting in the wings. Make it six now, but we probably won't see him until mid to late June. And that's just fine. He has to be ready to go six, maybe seven innings before the well-stocked bullpen takes over and secures the victory. He will be a great addition to an already good looking pitching staff, the kind of roster that takes a team into October.

So after yesterday's glorious Jim Rice Hall of Fame Day, which completed the three player Hall of Fame Red Sox leftfield sweep consisting of Ted Williams, Yaz and Jim Ed Rice, Boston has more exciting news in store for Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International today. I couldn't be any happier for Jim Ed. It was a joy to watch him bash the baseball, and I mean BASH. Click on the title to be directed to the Red Sox SI homepage...from there, you can go anywhere. Again, congrats to Jim Ed, good luck to John Smoltz and as always, BE WELL. L'chaim. That means "to life." That's all we have. See ya!


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