Sunday, January 25, 2009

Torre Rips Idiot Pinstripers...

From the NY Daily News, just now...

"Joe Torre's place in the Baseball Hall of Fame is secure, but his place in Monument Park at the new Yankee Stadium may not be.
According to a new book by Sports Illustrated baseball writer Tom Verducci, Torre was a bitter man by the time he left the Yankees in October of 2007, and he takes a few rips at the team that he led for 12 seasons.
In "The Yankee Years," due to be released on Feb. 3, Torre describes general manager Brian Cashman as a less than supportive ally who betrayed him on several fronts, and says that his star player, Alex Rodriguez, was often referred to by his teammates as "A-Fraud" and was obsessed with his perceived rival, shortstop Derek Jeter.
Of course, it is not entirely shocking that Torre might have bad feelings toward some in the organization, especially Cashman. When he left the Yankees as one of the most successful managers in the history of the game, Torre made it clear that he was not happy with the Yankees' tepid offer — his base salary would have been cut from $7 million to $5 million — to extend his contract for one year based on incentives. He called the deal, which offered him an extra $1 million per playoff round, an "insult," saying it would have been less insulting had George Steinbrenner simply fired him.
"I don't think incentives are necessary," he said then. "I've been here a long time and I've never needed to be motivated. Plus, in my (previous) contract, I get a million-dollar bonus if we do win the World Series, so that's always been there."
His departure after a magnificent reign in which he led the Yankees to four world championships and restored the franchise to its glory days was well-chronicled as it unfolded, but Torre does shed light in the book on several issues that also defined his legacy, perhaps one of the most poignant being when he discovered that Steinbrenner already knew of his prostate cancer diagnosis when Torre went to inform him of it. Torre doesn't say who told Steinbrenner of the diagnosis or if it came from the Yankees' medical staff, but it is clear that he was stunned by the revelation.
According to a source familiar with the book, Torre does not step out of character. He simply recites the facts as he saw them and does not unfairly disparage the Yankees. As has been reported, he reiterates the claim that Cashman did not stand up for him at the crucial meeting with the Steinbrenners in Tampa as the 2007 season wound down and the Yankee brass discussed whether to bring him back or not, even though publicly Cashman had let it be known that he wanted Torre back as manager.
According to the source familiar with the book, Torre confronted Cashman about his role in the meeting and the Yankee GM confirmed to him that he had offered no opinions to the Steinbrenners on whether they should upgrade their offer from the one-year deal to the two-year deal Torre wanted.
Torre is expected to appear on the "Late Show With David Letterman" on Feb. 3, and is scheduled to make a book-signing appearance at the Yogi Berra Museum in New Jersey that day, just before he leaves for spring training with the Dodgers in Arizona."



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