Sunday, January 25, 2009

Varitek, Red Sox Talk More Turkey

This is part of a story penned by the Globe's Tony Massarotti today, Sunday January 25th. After your read it, I'll be back with my comments...

"According to a baseball source, the Sox have formally presented an offer to Varitek's agent, Scott Boras, that could appease the catcher's desire for a second guaranteed season. While the precise value or term of the proposal was unclear, the Sox could ensure Varitek a second year by guaranteeing it outright or making it attainable through an option. In the latter scenario, Varitek could trigger the option through reachable incentives (like at-bats or games played), or the club could grant him a player option for the 2010 season. Another possibility would involve a dual option, first giving the Sox the choice of bringing back Varitek next season (at a higher number) and, subsequently, Varitek the right to return of his own volition (at a lower number than the team's option)."

This is good news indeed. I guess Boston did not want to lose a young pitcher in a trade to acquire a younger guy such as Teagarden. Will Varitek recover his batting skills? It's hard to believe that his numbers will be as dismal as those of 2008...I won't believe that until I see it happen before my very eyes. Welcome back, a bit prematurely, captain.

In other Red Sox news, well, there isn't any, nothing major, that is. I'm glad 'Tek will be coming back. When the terms of the upcoming deal are released, you'll be able to read about it right here. One year or two? I won't know or try to decide until I see Jason after he's had a month's worth of at bats.

Have a great Sunday. It's cold here at 1.3 degrees below zero, but it's warm in the living room where I'm sitting at the keyboard writing to you. No football today but don't forget, the Super Bowl is only a week away. I'm looking forward to the halftime show more than the game itself. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will rock the world in what easily should be the best Super Bowl haltime show ever. EVER. So I hope you stay tuned for that joyful 20 minute set. The music will never pauses between songs. That's the way Bruce does it when faced with a specific time limit. My DVR will be going strong. His new CD, WORKING ON A DREAM, will be in stores on Tuesday. I'm buying two, one for me and one for my girlfriend Nadi, who comments sometimes as "anonymous." She didn't know the Red Sox from a hole in the wall, but then she met me. Case closed. She wears her Red Sox '07 bright red hoodie to her classes (yes, she's still in college). Click on this post's title for more Soxiness, and as always, BE WELL. Aloha, shalom, see ya. Be good.


At 1/25/2009 9:14 AM, Anonymous johnbee418 said...

These current days are what are known as The Doldrums". Almost all the free agents are signed or lined up, the football thugs are resting their bruised and broken bodies, the Super Bowl remains in the near future and also retains its title as The Most Overrated Sports Event Since The Spartans Clubbed The Athenians...or Whoever, and outside of the UConn Women's Basketball team, the hairy legged thugs are racing up and down parquet floors all over the country in an effort only vaguely familiar with basketball.

Now, to the important stuff. I see some attention is made in your post about "games played" or "at bats" for determining Varitek's possible contract. Here's a thought...make all opposing team managers sign a pre-game agreement to not attempt any stolen bases when Jason is catching. You know, so as to not embarrass him. And also use the DH for Varitek and let the pitchers bat for themselves. We might even get Jerry Remy back in uniform for that. Or anyone.

Varitek is a detriment to the team. He does not call a game, for each pitch is signalled from the dugout. Can't hit. Can't throw. Let him go.

Outside of these few thoughts, I am a solid Red Sox fan. Really. Cross my heart. Been one since BY. (before Yaz...NOT Big Y). So there.


At 1/25/2009 10:03 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I KNOW you're a long term Sox of the best who has ever commented here. I discovered the BoSox in '66..I was 13...and then that year of 1967.


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